10 Terrible School Prom Dress Fails

Top 10 Worst prom dresses and outfits worn by students
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Prom is that magical time of year that every girl in high school has dreamed of. Getting dressed up, having your makeup done, riding a limo with your friends while wearing a gorgeous dress or a slick tuxedo while pictures and video are being captured can make anyone feel like a celebrity. Prom dress shopping is one of the hottest seasons of the year in the fashion industry as designers try to come up with the most beautiful and unique dress ideas that will appeal to nearly any demographic of young women. From ball gowns to stunning silhouettes that make jaws drop, there have been interesting and ambitious prom dress ideas that have come to fruition thanks to the prom hype. However, with so much competition in the market and designers and retailers trying to make some money, there are sure ways to guarantee that there will be disasters.
Here are some of the worst prom dress fails that have occurred since the dawning of prom. From bad design to wearing the wrong size, the poor girls in this video have become immortalized because of a bad decision on what to wear for the biggest night of high school. There’s no telling what was going on in these girls’ minds when they picked out their dress, and unfortunately for them, they became famous quite quickly for the bad decision. May they serve as a lesson to all the other girls dreaming about prom, and may the bad decisions end with them!

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