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Four Totally Awesome Lion Fancy Dress Ideas

It’s so much fun being the lion at any carnival party… one of the best and most forgotten costumes there is. Why don’t you become the king of the jungle at night? But it can be a little difficult to make your own lion costume, difficult but not impossible. All you need is a bunch of yellow lion furry cloth, some big white spots, a hairy piece of tail, and a sewing machine operated by a talented seamstress.

Another alternative is to buy or rent it from your local costume shop. But there are plenty of lion costumes available. Here are some ideas that can help you along the way:

1. Roaring lion costume

The last lion costume is, of course, the complete lion costume with a realistic face, head, and teeth. You can really have fun if you find one of them, especially since under the mask no one will know who you are!

2. simple lion costume

If you can’t find a lion costume with a full-body suit or you can’t afford it, don’t worry. If you can get a cheaper full-body suit that is at least the right color, you can easily complete the lion picture with a good face color and lion mustaches. Just make sure you have a tail too.

3. Wizard of Oz Lion Costume

Of course, we can’t talk about lion costumes for long without mentioning the most popular lion in the history of cinema, the lion in The Wizard of Oz. I was traveling with Dorothy, looking for courage. This costume is a bit more special, and you really have to look for some pictures to get the unique face painting, including the black pustular nose. But if you do that, everybody will love you for it!

4. Sexy lioness costume

For the ladies, a sexy lion costume could be a lot of fun. All you need is the lion skin color scheme, a short skirt with a furry lining. A pair of hairy lion gloves and the best thing to touch, a pair of lion ears on your head. A little lion makeup wouldn’t hurt either and practice with this sexy “grunt”.

There are many ways to dress like a lion or a tiger if you prefer. The tiger costume is so similar, the main difference being a smaller mane and the colorful striped tiger. With both costumes, you will have a lot of fun while looking for fresh prey at the party.

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