Jazzercise Outfit

Jazzercise Outfit

A. Get Ready to Slip on Your Spandex With These ’80s Workout Costume Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute Halloween costume or just want to wear something comfortable and stretchy this year, get ready to channel your inner Jane Fonda. We had a series of inspirations with these neon gaiters wearing Jazzercise’s glory days. The 80’s workout clothes are basically the best, the most nostalgic and the easiest to take off. . . Plus, it’s so much fun. Break into your closet and lie down on the spandex.

1. Sweat It Out, Jane Fonda Style, with training equipment inspired by the 80s

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Believe it or not, retro fashions like Thighmaster, Jazzercise and Buns of Steel were the precursors to the Peloton, Obé Fitness and Instagram Live yoga sessions. In fact, it can be said that icons from the 80s and 90s, like Jane Fonda and Suzanne Somers, were the fitness stars at home. In addition to bringing the gym to your living room, vintage exercise bands provide a visual guide to 80s fashion. Think about neon and lots of spandex.

Nostalgia has always been a big fashion trend, and that includes sportswear. You don’t have to rummage through your mom’s VHS tape collection to find inspiration for the outfit, though – we’ve put together our picks for the cutest retro workout outfit before us.


B. How to Dress Like a 1980s Aerobics Junkie

On April 24, 1982, actress Jane Fonda revolutionized the fitness world with her first Jane Fonda workout video. In the 1980s, aerobics was in fashion, as were colorful gym clothes. Do you want to dress like a 1980s aerobics addict? Here are 16 accessories you need to sweat like an 80’s baby.

1. Use a mesh

A leotard is the most important part of an aerobic outfit from the 1980s. Wear matching tights and a belt for maximum impact.

2. Use leg warmers

Don’t even think about doing aerobics without a pair of leg warmers to keep your ankles and heels warm. Mesh leg warmers are the best.

3. Wear a cool 80’s hairstyle (possibly a mullet).

Any great aerobics workout needs a cool 1980s hairstyle, like Jane Fonda’s incredible mullet.

4. If you can’t make mullet, use a hair tie

If you are unable to pull a mullet, use a large rubber band to pull it back. Preferably one in a bright, wild color. Or pull half of the hair back with a rubber band and comb the bangs high. Bring extra hair spray to reshape after your workout.

5. Wear high-cut briefs over spandex pants

If you want to show off a bit of a belly, opt for a sports bra with matching spandex pants and high-cut black underpants. The underwear helps to hide the dreaded camel toe.

6. Wear crunchy socks

Keep your feet warm and protected with crispy white socks, which are abundantly elastic in the ankle area.

7. Wear a headband

It is a kind of sweat that runs down your face and eyes. So make sure you use an elastic fitness band to absorb sweat and keep your hair away from your face.

8. Use neon

Make sure to use bright neon colors so that everyone in the aerobics class can see you. Can’t you use neon yellow? Use pink instead.

9. Use a wild impression

If you are not a neon girl, wear a colorful and wild print so that everyone can see you jump and kick. If the print has spirals, even better!

10. Wear spandex pants with mutineers

To keep your spandex pants in place, wear one with a riot. Make sure to use gaiters of a contrasting color.

11. Add a belt to your shirt

Every leotard should have a belt that you can wrap around and show your fit.

12. Wear a casual sweatshirt

In the 1980s, everyone was totally “Flashdance” with casual shirts with cropped collars. Make sure it hangs over one shoulder and shows your cool tank top underneath.

13. Wear white aerobic shoes

To jump with the best, choose a pair of white high-top aerobic shoes, preferably those with two velcro straps around the ankle for added support.

14. Wear motorcycle shorts

Biker shorts are mandatory. Put them under T-shirts or combine them with sports tops.

15. Wear a multicolored sports coat

Opt for a multicolor training jacket if you want more protection. This is great for more mature women. Make sure to use one made of a thin fabric and pull your pants up to your waist.

16. Bring your friend from the 1980s

Aerobics is always more fun with your boyfriend. Put on it a white blouse, white short shorts, white sneakers and white socks. If he has a mustache, even better!


C. Flashback to Crazy Workout Fashion Fads

Practice has come a long way. But sports fashion has always advanced. We would like to take the time to look back over the decades to find our favorite workout fashion. And laugh a little along the way.

1. 70s Fashion

a. The decade of the legs 11

In the 1970s, men and women often dressed similarly to those used for training and possibly changed clothes without anyone opening an eyelid. The most popular exercise in the 1970s was jazzercise. Combining aerobics and dance moves was in fashion in the 1970s. If we could compare it with anything today, it would be Zumba.

2. 80’s Fashion

a. Three words: Olivia Newton John

This is by far the most fun decade for both sports and clothing. Leg warmers were in fashion, as were neon colors. Olivia Newton-John was very popular in the 80’s with her hit “Let’s Get Physical”, and all the clothes made us physically sick. With her Hi / Lo aerobics skills (High Impact and Low Impact), she danced in our hearts and recorded these popular texts in our brains forever. A quick (and lazy) way to lose those unwanted pounds in the 1980s: sauna clothes. A very dangerous and totally hideous way to look fabulous and lose a few extra inches (and moisture).

3. 90s Fashion

a. If you didn’t show your hips, you weren’t modern

This look reminds me a lot of Borat in Mankini. In the 90s, the shirts were very tall and tight; I’m not sure how they managed to do that without slipping through the cracks. With pantyhose underneath and tubular socks on top, this is a look that we will be happy to be gone. Complicated devices like the thigh master and the abdominal trainer were extremely popular during that decade. Focused on mothers, they used carved abdominals and infomercials to sell the equipment to stay in their garage for 20 years.

4. 2000s Fashion

a. The year Adidas tracksuits became popular

Adidas has been around since 1920, but it hit the jackpot when 2000 hit the calendar. Thanks to Sporty Spice in the late 90s and 90s, the girls fell in love with the 3-stripe brand. Nintendo Wii launched some fun practice games in the 2000s. What a time to be alive. Gather our love of technology and put on our pajamas #oxymoron

5. Fashion 20-10

a. Our most popular training fashion to date

The Healthy Mummy Workout Top, some simple workout leggings; simple, comfortable and very beautiful. Check out our beautiful team, aren’t they pretty? There are many ways to lose weight, stay active and healthy today. No fads here. Only hard work, determination and a great support network from other mothers to help us when we are not motivated.


D. This Year in Fashion: 1980s

When someone says “1980s fashion”, a few things come to mind: bright and flashy clothes, overrated accessories, tight spandex, parachute pants, pouches and maybe even fingerless gloves. Although some of these looks are returning in 2019, there are still some items from the 80s that remain specific and specific to the time. In addition to the classic “door earrings” and light colored clothes, what were some of the special oddities? It’s because? This piece investigates some specific trends and the history of some typical items from the 80s. A versatile mix? It could be. Strange and interesting? You decide.

1. Jane Fonda gym clothes

Thanks to the infamous Jane Fonda, aerobics was incredibly fashionable in the 1980s. She posted animated exercise videos in which women were raised in groups with their legs raised, bent to the side and raised with dumbbells, accompanied by funky music and fast. The success of Jane Fonda’s training videos and her “Jane Fonda’s Training Book” resulted in a tremendous increase in the popularity of aerobics. Most importantly, the general concept of training was eventually extended to women. He also sparked a craze for neon spandex, printed leotards and leg warmers. Oh, and don’t forget the scrunchie. Perhaps Jane Fonda’s most peculiar training piece was “high-cut underwear” over spandex pants. This new trend in exercise equipment says goodbye to boring fitness clothing. Thanks Jane for spicing up the training fashion.

2. Nike Air Jordans

It’s 2019 and the Nike Air Jordans is back in fashion. Whether it is proof of Michael Jordan’s lasting legacy or the general increase in the use of sneakers, these kicks owe their popularity to a dramatic 1980s story. After Michael Jordan signed a sponsorship deal with Nike, he made his debut on cut with the original Air Jordans. The NBA then banned tennis, claiming it did not comply with league regulations on uniforms and colors. Of course, Jordan continued to wear sneakers and faced a $ 5,000 fine per game. This public reaction, along with Jordan’s increasingly evident talent on the field, resulted in Air Jordan’s increasing popularity. Suddenly, everyone needed a pair.

3. Cosby sweater

Of all the trends of the 1980s, “Cosby Sweater” can be immediately remembered – more for its specialty than its elegance. Cosby sweaters look like the ugly classic Christmas sweater, and the noisy print sweater gave birth to an even more colorful child. The “Cosby Sweater” is named after – you guessed it – Bill Cosby on “The Cosby Show”. The sweater’s legacy is undoubtedly tarnished by Bill Cosby’s recently revealed and unacceptable acts, and it may seem doubtful how the sweater achieved such fame, despite the fact that Bill Cosby paved that path of unpopularity. Still, these noisy fabrics were a popular fashion trend in the 1980s, perhaps because “The Cosby Show” was one of America’s most popular TV shows at a time when many fashion trends were being captured on television. The sweater has its own explanation: the director wanted to maintain the individualism of each character and, as many people were on the screen at the same time, printed clothes seemed the obvious answer. NBC also often collects separate photos to get the perfect shot. Creating a composite scene was much more forgiving and elegant when the actor wore a brightly colored sweater instead of a shirt and jacket that showed the slightest change in clothing.

4. Shoulder pads

When women challenged their roles as individuals in the workforce, rather than as wives or mothers at home in the 1980s, the jamb became a fashion trend that meant a woman’s power and her entry into a man’s world . This phenomenon may be due in part to the fact that Margaret Thatcher wears shoulder pads or other various television characters. This’ 80s trend was an obvious challenge for the female role and silhouette – and cool at that. The jamb allowed the female silhouette to move away from the uniquely delicate feminine look for a stronger presence and more obvious statement.