Harlem Nights Plus Size Dresses

Harlem Nights Plus Size Dresses

A. Harlem Nights Plus Size Dresses

1. Great plus size Gatsby dress

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3. Charleston fringe party dress in black

4. Fix on chic curves


B. LA Style Diary: The Ebony Power 100 Gala in a Blue Harlem Haberdashery Gown

I was honored to be on this year’s Ebony Power 100 list. So, I flew to Los Angeles for a few days to attend the grand gala and hold some meetings!

For the event, I won a custom dress made by the friendly people of Harlem Harlem. I’m looking at FBD and I’m being honest: for the first time in a long time, I haven’t read the comments. I know people are going to say that I should never wear a turtleneck again and talk about my big breasts, and I’m tired of it. I’m sick of people trying to be ashamed of my body and my breasts. I am a woman I embrace my femininity. I will not mutilate myself to adhere to other bodily standards.

In any case, the party was so much fun that I still recovered! I had the opportunity to chat with brilliant Quincy Jones and he told me lots of fun stories and advice.

And everyone who said he was going to hit me: Stop! I didn’t get that vibe from him and if he was to blame for the blue dress, LOL.
Anyway, I’m going to New York to plan cocktails with Claire. Life is in full swing.


C. Fashion House of F.A.B. 1st year anniversary gala Harlem Nights

Last Saturday night, I was invited to be a guest speaker at the F.A.B. to be. First year anniversary gala. The theme was Harlem Nights. To be honest, I had no idea what it was about. I wasn’t born and raised in America, so I don’t have the same historical reference. But thanks to the super powerful internet and Google, I got everything I needed and just bought it in the comfort of my own closet.

For this outfit, I started with my flapper dress and my new yellow derby hat to focus on the Harlem Nights theme. By the way, you can read the inside story about the designer behind this fabulous hat here. Then I added the bare heels. I recently bought this vintage yellow coat and it matched my hat perfectly. Of course, that was my plan all along. It is not that fashion happens by chance! So, the final touch? Just add pearls, lots and lots of pearls.

Below is the photo with me along with another guest speaker and blogger, Leah from Beauty and The Muse and Fashion House at F.A.B. President Cortney Hopkins

I was asked to talk about the Detroit fashion industry as I see it. Below is part of my speech.

“As my blog grew, I realized that I really had the opportunity and the ability to use it to promote designers, models, charities and nonprofits in the Detroit area. I believe that life is more fulfilling and meaningful when I serve. Detroit has been out of reach for a long time, but it’s not over yet. I am increasingly proud to call D my new home town. I had the opportunity to speak and work with many people in the greater Detroit area and I think I started to get an inside view of Michigan’s fashion industry. I strongly believe in the SWOC system (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges) and I will use it to share my ideas. ”

“The strengths I see are – a creative and passionate fashion community. You are everywhere! I think I hear about at least one fashion event a day. And there are often several. I just don’t have time to go to all of them. I met many local talents. And just as you don’t need a special license to become a blogger, becoming a designer or model is also a very simple process. ”

“The weaknesses for me are – many people have a short view of the future. Someone who once told me that the life you are living now is the result of choices you made three years ago. I think so, but I see a lot of people in this industry just looking today. Many people want to present fashion shows, but have not prepared themselves and very little attention has been paid to details or quality control. I also see a lot that is totally driven by money. Local labels want to sell more products to lower quality and price. You cannot compete with Forever 21, Walmart or Target. ”

“The good news is that the options are many – the region’s needs for quality products are not being met. I’ve heard so many people talking about it that they can’t find exclusive, high-quality designs made on site. So, they had to spend more on a luxury mall. Michigan’s economy is coming back. You do not believe me? Every weekend, try to find parking at Somerset Mall! People have money and are willing to spend. I visited some sophisticated boutiques, but they seem to be aimed at traditional and old shoppers. We need brands with a modern touch and more personality. ”

“But there are challenges – I don’t know a single source for all the resources we need. Where would you be trained as a designer or model, for example? There are some organizations out there, but they are not always easy to find. It looks much more difficult than it should be. It is difficult to find someone to lead the way. We need more mentors and internships. I saw the negative side. The lack of a support system meant that many local talents left the area in search of dreams elsewhere. ”

“I’m happy to say that things are slowly changing. With the help of big organizations like F.A.B.’s Fashion House, we can keep up. Thanks for your time and enjoy the night!”

I think the F.A.B. will be available for a long time, so start planning to attend the 2nd anniversary now!