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A. GTA Female Outfits Zombie Clothes

The zombie clothes you are looking for are provided for all of you in this article. Here we have 12 pictures of zombie clothes, including photos, photos, models, photos and more. Here we also have many numbers that can be used. Like PNG, JPG, animated gifs, pic art, logo, black and white, transparent, etc. via drones.

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A. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Firebase Z Easter Egg Step-by-Step Breakdown

The new Zombie story in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has many moving parts for players to follow, from the evil group Omega to the return of the character Samantha Maxis. While the machine’s Easter egg hunt served as an introduction to the story of Dark Aether and its main characters, Firebase Z expands that story by introducing new characters while developing old ones.

Therefore, players of Call of Duty: Black Ops of the Cold War can expect a mission full of narratives and involving Revenov and Dr. Peck have great dialogues. As the former is Samantha’s contact within the Omega Group and the latter is one of the new antagonists of the plot, completing tasks for both creates a unique scenario in which players see both sides of the main conflict. With the ultimate goal of rescuing Samantha from Dark Aether, players are perfectly motivated to complete all the crazy and incredible tasks that can be seen in the Firebase Z Easter Egg.

1. Step 1: Setup and serum

First, players must follow the instructions given to them for as long as possible. With one of the most innovative zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, HUD instructions and minimap to guide players through the Force Activation process, casual players must get through the first stage as easily as experienced zombie killers. As soon as the power is on and a shot is available, players must start playing with Dr. Peck interacting with the villain found in Mission Control.

After speaking to Peck, players must return to the village where they appear on the map. The conversation with Ravenov results in the character giving players a key card that can be used to open three lockers on the card. There is a little bit of serum in each cupboard that needs to be collected for the next step. Closet locations are as follows:

  1. The first closet is on the other side of the Ravenov area. Players enter the location marked as an equipment store. The lights in front of the white object make it stand out from other objects around it.
  2. The second locker is on the lower level of the engineering section of the map, which you can access by taking the left path after teleporting to Firebase Z.
  3. The third and final cupboard is in the Supreme’s office area, above the Juggernog, and it’s hard not to notice because the space is so small.

Players then need to bring their three vials of serum to the field hospital, which is in the same section of the map as the barracks. If you put the three vials in a small machine near some information about zombies, it will start to spin and will appear in several Hellhound enemies in the process. Players have to fight the hounds of hell for a few moments until the machine stops moving. The serum device can then be removed from the machine.

From there, players must go to the roof above the engineering. To the left of the large spherical structure called OPC is an AC unit with which players must interact to place the IV device. From there, they must go to Dr. Recke to start the next step.

2. Step 2: Imitation of head collecting and hunting

After some time with Peck, players are sent to the data center. Upstairs, they can pick up an Essence Trapper, which is used to capture the souls of certain types of enemies. As soon as players equip their trappers, they must capture three mimic mini-bosses. To do this, mimetics must be weakened until they have only a hint of health. As soon as their health is low enough, players must launch a hunter on the ground in front of them. Mimes must be trapped in the trapper. If players double-tap the interaction button as if they were using C4, they will disappear – meaning that the capture was successful. Each mimic must be returned to the place where the essence traps were collected and placed in the machine.

Players try to capture the memories of Sokolov, Brahms and Zabim. If the machine reads a different name, players must try again with a different mimic. After these three are captured, Peck will speak to the players and they will be able to proceed to the next step. Sergei’s head should be tracked, with the item at the locations of the Firebase Z attack round. Players who spawn in any of these three areas near the zombie spawning points should look around instead of in the trenches when looking for the head. It should be easy to find in bright yellow, although players can use MrRoflWaffles’ excellent guide as a visual reference if necessary.

As soon as the players have the head, they must bring it back to the field hospital. A machine separate from the one used for the serum can hold the head, in which case players must protect a zombie in an essence trap. If you place the zombie trap on the machine next to Sergei’s head, it will come to life and attack the player. A code is called for a safe (NOTE: this code does not need to be saved). This safe is located in the Colonel’s office that the players visited for the serum and will open automatically with the interaction.

After opening the safe, players can return to the Essence Trap machine to pick up a floppy disk. Players must then go to the design office and interact with a machine that contains three green screens, one of which displays a brain. This will open the door to the OPC and reveal the anomaly in which Samantha Maxis is trapped.

3. Step 3: R.A.I. Acquisition K-84 and excavation of cylinders

Before players move on, now is a good time for at least one player to buy the Firebase Z silver bullet. The R.A.I. The K-84 can be built, obtained from testing, discarded from the Easter Egg in the reward box on the card or obtained from the Mystery Box. With so many methods to obtain the powerful Ray Rifle, players should have no trouble protecting one. This is good news, as it will be needed for the next step. To start digging the mission, players must speak to Peck and Revenov, with the two characters providing the code for the closet outside Peck’s room.

After opening the closet, players can pick up a new device from the floor in front of it. They will then need to pick up a shovel from the Burnt Defense huts outside Peck’s territory, and with both items protected, players can collect Aetherium Cans. Although players initially thought this was for R.A.I. Update K-84, they are used as an integral part of the Easter Egg Finals and can be found at the following locations:

  1. Jungle Defense Canister: Players can hear beeps near zombies in the Jungle Defense Assault Round area. When it gets higher, they must dig the earth with a shovel. The first bowl is then revealed, with players chasing waves of mimes and manglers as it attacks. Once the tough battle is over, players can pick up the first bowl.
  2. Open weld box: The next box is open weld before engineering. After hearing the beep again, players can dig up a blue bowl – it disappears immediately. Several other containers will appear, with players having to find and interact with the container that has no black smoke in it. Only white smoke can be seen in the correct container. If the wrong one is selected, players will have to wait until the next wrong one to try again. However, if players make the right choice, they can move on to the final stage.
  3. Barracks containers: Call of Duty Zombies fans will find the last container that can be dug up right in front of the field hospital and below the data center stairs. After following the beep and discovering a final can, it will begin to teleport. Whenever players approach, the position changes, meaning that players have to slow down to collect them. To do this, shoot the canister with the alternative fire of the R.A.I. K-84. It can then be collected.

When all three containers are collected, players can place them in the reactors used to activate the power supply (in military command, mission control and data center). From there, players can go to the OPC to see how the anomaly changes. Peck shows that he has the advantage. After Requiem’s ​​leader Weaver enters his area and draws the curtains, he leads the players to the planning offices. In offices, players can interact with a large flat screen on the wall. Use the D-Pad to find a question mark, ignoring the Russian and American flags. Select the question mark to see the satellite connection. A cool moment unfolds when Requiem foils Peck’s plan.

Once the satellite sequence is complete, players can interact with the right computer in the OPC room to start the end of the Easter Egg.

4. Step 4: Sam’s return and the final boss

After pressing the OPC computer, Sam returns from the portal. The Zombies character is proud to wear the legendary Primis crew’s clothing. Sam wears ex-protagonist Nikolai Belinski’s glasses, Tank Dempsey’s watch and Takeo Masaki’s katana. Sam’s new look is a great callback to the characters that many zombie fans miss. It is sure to generate exciting discussions about the story on the next card. The moment doesn’t last, however, as the OPC quickly explodes when Sam and Requiem leave the area.

As the cutscene continues as players return to the village area of ​​the map, the giant elder god who was teased on the Machine to prevent the characters from escaping appears. The players reveal that the first scene was a false ending and enter a boss fight with Orda, the oldest god who fought in the attacking rounds. The battle offers the monster some unique melee attacks and launches hordes of zombies and mini-bosses at the player. The fight is another challenge – although it is simple. Players have to fill Orda with bullets until he dies. Monkey bombs and baits are a solid way to distract regular hordes.

Once Orda’s health runs out, the boss will disappear and die, allowing Sam and Requiem to really escape. After a brief dialogue with Revenov confirming that the character is completely on Sam’s side, Sam gets into a helicopter to inform Weaver what she learned while trapped in the dark ether. An epilogue scene shows Kravchenko from the story of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Dr. Peck punished for his failure and took his eye off in a fun moment that closes the card’s history.

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