Gaming Dresses, GTA 5 Female Military Outfits

GTA 5 Female Military Outfits

A. GTA 5 Online Female Military Outfit Skin Description

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B. Frustrated GTA Online Players Want Much Better Clothes For Women

GTA Online is best known for the violence and tricks in the open world. Consequently, most people don’t know how much fandom is concerned with clothes. For more than a year, some of the hardcore players have been using online forums to complain about the fashion options for female characters in GTA Online.

In February 2016, a topic entitled “Dear r * (in relation to the selection of women’s clothing as a whole)” was started in the GTA forums. More than 2,000 posts later, the topic is still active thanks to almost daily posts where people express their frustrations or exchange ideas about GTA’s clothing options.

The discussion was started by Quinn Flower, a fan who is playing GTA San Andreas – she still has fond memories of dressing Carl Johnson in different clothes. When GTA Online appeared, she felt disappointed. There were simply not enough clothing options for women, she says.

So fashion-conscious players like Flower were looking for alternatives. Stylish fans found that a flaw allowed the characters to wear boots over their pants, which allowed people to adopt a more modern look. In February 2016, Rockstar fixed the bug that irritated Flower – and that prompted her to start the topic.

“I was at my limit with women’s clothing (or lack of women’s clothing) in GTA Online,” said Quinn. And she turned her anger into a post that she admits was initially very guaranteed: I mean, do you have a woman who works with artistic clothing design for online? If not, you have to go to a fashion show because you clearly don’t know fashion.

Why do I have to use a mod or glitch menu to create an outfit that the NPC is already wearing? God, you’re so incompetent, I mean, what was wrong with wearing knee-high leggings? Seriously, if there are problems with cutting, get off your butt and fix it. As we add, add suitable black leggings, call them dark black leggings. The VIP leggings were perfect and made my clothes beautiful.

Ask a player and she will tell you what needs to be improved on our side. Idk this is bitchy and sorry, but a lot of us have been waiting for the right layer and real female clothes that some of us are wearing. Why can’t I wear leather straps with a necklace, unless it’s the gold handcuffs? Why can’t I wear boots with jeans? Why not long hair or nail polish r *. Stop targeting the game more at men. There are many players out there who are women and you need to stop ignoring us.

To his surprise, the topic became popular. It hit a hot spot: many players believed that women were an afterthought for Rockstar, a sentiment that was reinforced when people noticed that new DLCs usually added few new clothes for women. Players also pointed out that some dresses and skirts have a tendency to cut the player’s legs on the cover, so the few things Rockstar added still seemed unimportant.

In the topic, the players described that they want all kinds of things: more hair options, nail polish, more types of clothes, better and more detailed layer options (wear skirts with leggings etc.), bags, navel or navel piercings nose, more shoe options, high waisted pants and short tops. It may seem like a lot, but there are comparatively robust options available for male characters. At best, most dresses in GTA Online are niche or retro dresses, complained the fans. Others did not like that some clothing options could technically be worn by either sex, but the option is not available.

For Quinn, clothes are as important as guns and cars: fashion helps to sell the role-playing aspect of MMO. Players don’t just want beautiful whips and chic mansions, they want to express their specific style because it offers an even more immersive experience. They want this so much that many say they are willing to overpay just for wearing more beautiful clothes.

“The idea of ​​a sensual and well-organized girl who uses names and steps into action has great visual appeal for me,” explained Malik, another GTA forum user who regularly posts on the topic.

In addition to the number of options, fans like Flower feel that Rockstar doesn’t really understand modern fashion trends or doesn’t know what real women want to wear. Instead, the game is filled with military-style clothing or niche items, such as animal masks. Players think Rockstar is too focused on tricks or topics rather than having people dressed up as real people. Players like Flower want Rockstar to “take a look at fashion blogs or Pinterest and get some ideas out of there”.

Many players I spoke with pointed to games like Saints Row and APB, which they think have better fashion options. “Everything works in shifts on Saints Row or APB,” said Quinn Flower. “You can even put custom logos on clothing (not just your team’s logo).”

In addition, part of the frustration is that NPCs can wear better clothes than the player himself. Players shared many images of random characters in enviable outfits. “The next time you’re in the game, look at the female NPCs, or NPCs in general, and they’ll get most of what we asked for,” said Flower.

Some fans on the topic want Rockstar to sift through their own marketing material for better ideas. Fans have noted that announcements for certain GTA Online updates, such as the High Life Update, include clothing and hair options that are not available to players:

Rather than waiting for Rockstar to add better options or more variety, some fans are creative. The user DeniLHell created a series of “fake dresses” with tops and skirts. Combining certain colors and patterns, she was able to create some very attractive dresses:

These methods are excellent, but they are only temporary solutions. Because of this, the topic of women’s fashion has become one of the most popular conversations on the GTA forums. The topic is mostly positive and polite, but like any public forum, it can get hot. Some players accuse fans of wanting to just play “Barbie Dress Up”.

My favorite posts on the topic are when people are incredulous that there is a problem with GTA clothes and decide to start a female character for themselves … only to find out that they also don’t like the options available.

Even opponents have become supporters of the cause or at least offer their support. While these fans won’t be bothered by the lack of clothes, why not add more options for those who care?

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