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A. Final Fantasy: The 5 Best Outfits Across All Games (& The 5 Worst)

RPG fans love Final Fantasyn not only for its history, but for its excellent visual design. Thanks to legends like Tetsuya Nomura, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshitaka Amano, Final Fantasy always offers players an unforgettable cast. In addition to the unique game design, fans love the way the series addresses character design.

As in real life, the presentation says a lot about a person. And in Final Fantasy, the clothes always tell a story. Thanks to several compilations and interviews, fans know that a lot of thought has been given to designing and redesigning the main characters of the franchise. Who shines in their respective clothes? And who misses the mark?

1. Best of all: Luneth

Luneth and her friends become Warriors of Light in FF 3 when the discovery of the Wind Crystal takes them on a journey to restore balance to the world. Although Luneth’s new outfit is not as grand as that of the other protagonists, it is a humble reminder of Luneth’s flexibility as a character.

In fact, Luneth’s outfit announces that he is a young explorer. He wears a leather vest with large buckles over a sweatshirt and a turtleneck. He has light gray pants, high boots and a belt bag. Despite his somewhat “simple” appearance, his outfits on Jobs focus on a purple motif. Luneth looks decent and uniform without overdoing it.

2. Worst of all: Vaan

Despite being from Rabanastre’s Lowtown slums, Vaan has high hopes of becoming a sky pirate. As such, it exudes an Aladdin atmosphere from the start – impoverished, but never without a dream. Unfortunately, Vaan’s outfit does not convey this characteristic properly.

In contrast to his other companions, Vaan looks quite “plain” with his leather vest, pants and red waistband. However, he is also different from a person in his position having ornate trousers and metal bracelets, greaves, boots and a belt studded with blue stones. This contradictory design choice allows Vaan to merge with the background compared to other daring protagonists.

3. Best of all: lightning

The FF 13 Blitz leads a group of unlikely individuals to face their destiny. Despite complaints about the open plot, players still admire the game for its simple yet combat-ready design by Lightning.

Perhaps in keeping with Lightning’s outfits during the games are his high boots and the ubiquitous gunblade. In FF 13, she wears a sleeveless vest and shorts with high boots, as well as gloves and a shoulder pad. The next installments show Lightning wearing a Valkyrie-like armor, complete with plates, a shield and a long skirt.

4. Worst of all: Tidus

The people of Zanarkand know Tidus as the aspiring star of the Blitzball of Zanarkand Abes. Unfortunately, a disaster sent Tidus to Spira and spent his time in FF 10 trying to find a way to get back to his homeland. Tidus wears a Blitzball uniform with some changes to separate him from Jecht, his father and well-known Blitzball star. Unfortunately, his stylistic decisions leave a lot to be desired.

Since Blitzball is a water sport, Tidus’ uniform looks as if it is made of leather or other heavy material, making swimming impractical. In addition, the chest vest shirt does not match the suspenders, and the blue kettle and armor seem to have no practical use in sports.

5. Best of all: Squall

Squall Leonhart of FF 8 leads the Balamb Garden mercenaries on tasks that will save the world. FF 8 does not captivate the player with its main conflict, but with its central love story. And Squall certainly looks like a frightened male protagonist, with a corresponding scar.

Squall’s all-black motif has become one of the most commonly associated looks. Some may think that his black pants, black gloves, black boots and black jacket seem extremely “common”, but design options like his fur collar and lion motif and his characteristic weapon blade make Squall meditate and mess around in equal parts.

6. Worst of all: Noctis

Players help Prince Noctis of Final Fantasy 15 regain the throne after the Niflheim Empire took over the Kingdom of Lucis. In this modern fantasy adventure, Noctis and his companions embark on a boy band tour adventure, each wearing black clothes that denote his noble status. Unfortunately, others may argue that Noctis does not have a “real” signature on his clothes.

Okay, running away can force Noctis to look more civilized. His shorts, boots with buckles, jacket and simple shirt also underline his mobility. The general design of Noctis’s outfit doesn’t “pack” as much as other characters, like Ardyn’s characteristic fedora or the white cape of the Aranea dragon on a black plate.

7. Best of all: Cecil

Cecil Harvey begins FF 4 as the Dark Knight, whose subsequent exile begins a journey that eventually saves the world. Cecil is recognizable as one of the few characters who change jobs permanently in the game. After all, Cecil started out as a Dark Knight, but ended up becoming a champion.

Perhaps Cecil’s splendor is in his two outfits, both equally fascinating. In contrast to other depictions of the Paladin and the Dark Knight, Cecil shares armor that hugs the body with a series of points and spirals. As a Dark Knight, Cecil wears a full-length dark plate with a mask and golden highlights. Meanwhile, Cecil as a paladin wears white armor with dark tips and blue details.

8. Worst of all: Luso Clemens

Luso Clemens appears in Grimoire of the Rift, the sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. In the folklore of the game, Luso finds that Grimoire in his school library, which takes him to Ivalice. When he arrives, the fact that Luso makes one thing clear: he urgently needs a backpack.

It is much easier to describe what Luso wears than to look at him. He wears a red vest under a yellow jumpsuit with the emblem of a four-leaf clover. In addition to the red hat, he wears a blue belt and a second belt with the magic book on it. There is a green scarf over it. He also wears a glove on his right arm and a blue glove and a silver shield on his left. If all this seemed difficult to process, it is because it was – and fortunately, his participation in FFT: War of the Lions makes his costume a little easier.

9. Best of all: Earth

Terra starts soldier FF 6a and ends the game as a hero. Unfortunately, his ability to use magic led the Stealing Empire to conduct experiments on Earth to improve his studies of Magitek. Thanks to the returnees, Terra is dealing with her special abilities and helping to end the Stahl government. Terra does this while wearing sportswear that expresses her challenge to the Stahl army.

Terra wears a red dress with a pink sash, red bracelets and boots and a pink cape. Most of Terra’s alternative clothes show her with a more decorative approach that denotes her freedom and mystical nature. Despite its simplicity, it is a unique and recognizable look.

10. Worst of all: cloud

All fans will recognize Cloud from FF 7. In the narration of the game, this SOLDIER who became a mercenary is caught by an eco-terrorist group while his past haunts him. Although Cloud has become “recognizable” in his SOLDIER uniform, he is not a “protagonist” material.

Others may argue that Cloud has remained SOLDIER-style to reflect the game’s more informed and realistic configuration. Therefore, it makes sense for Cloud to wear the basic black shirt, baggy pants, combat boots and shoulder pads from Shinra’s combat contingent. However, this reasoning does not fit the fact that other characters, such as SOLDIERS Sephiroth, Genesis and even the protagonist Vincent, have shown to have unique characteristics.


B. 10 Best Female Final Fantasy Characters Outfits (Ranked By Practicality)

Final Fantasy has a very diverse but well-defined fashion sense, but which female characters have the most practical outfits? The bohemian fashion of Final Fantasy is part of what makes games so memorable. Thanks to the creative genius of Yoshitaka Amano and Tetsuya Nomura, no one keeps an eye on the fashion of avant-garde video games. They combined the influences of Western and Japanese punk to create a unique aesthetic that gradually invaded the world of JRPGs. But his designs were not without fail.

For the female characters of Final Fantasy, the practicality of their clothes was not always compatible with the professional class or even with everyday life. Below, we examine ten of the main female characters in the series and the likelihood that they will wear the clothes assigned to them.

1. Ashelia Dalmasca

Princess Ashe is a red mage with an affinity for black and white magic and long-range weapons. Her standard outfit looks like a deconstructed version of her wedding dress with cutouts in the wrong places. There is no way she can avenge her kingdom with this bright pink miniskirt.

The salvation of this suit is the leg protectors, which are intrinsically beautiful and seem to offer some protection in combat. Unfortunately, between the almost imperceptible skirt and the open boots she wears in the heat of battle, it is clear that this design choice was made for aesthetic and not practical reasons.

2. Lightning

The top looks great. The boots are great. The hair is incredible. But what about that super short skirt? From different angles, it looks like Lightning is wearing bike shorts underneath, or the skirt could be shorts, which would give her a higher level of mobility.

Still, there is no reason why the first official Final Fantasy protagonist should not wear leggings. Or pants.

3. Branford Land

Terra’s outfit is not very practical with the sleeveless dress and floral tights, but it is beautiful and more elaborate than the clothes of other characters in Final Fantasy VI. This increases her ethereal mood as a half-hope, a supernatural being who is central to the game’s plot.

Terra carries a slightly more practical band around her waist and ties her hair in a very practical ponytail. Thanks to her Esper heritage, there are some things she never has to worry about, like using magic at will or getting dressed for long distance travel.

4. Yuna

Yuna has one of the most beautiful Final Fantasy outfits. She is inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, such as the purple pleated skirt with floral print and the yellow obi (sash). Its kimono-like sleeves have a soft pink gradient that is visible during the performance of your broadcast dance.

Yuna equips this outfit with work boots stomping for her pilgrimage and shows that it is practical at heart. The rest of the outfit seems to take a while to assemble. It may not be the most practical thing to use on an important and urgent trip.

5. Quistis Trepe

When Tetsuya Nomura was developing the Final Fantasy VIII cast, he insisted that at least one of the female characters wear a skirt. Initially, this character should have been Quistis, but at the last moment Nomura decided that the pants would look better under a midi skirt. Instead, the rock role went to Selphie Tilmitt.

Quistis would have ranked higher on this list if Nomura had kept its original design. Pants are great, but pants under a tight pencil skirt look uncomfortable and tight.

6. Aerith Gainsborough

Although Aerith’s dress has much more movement in Final Fantasy VII Remake, it retains the characteristics of the original dress that made it one of the most practical clothes of all time.

First, the dress length is very versatile (and trendy in real life). Second, this front button style is a recurring feature in dystopian configurations of what Aerith’s life is like in Midgar. Third, Aerith is a white magician and doesn’t have to move much. The dress gives her enough space to cast her next spell, which is all she needs.

7. Celes Chere

General Celes has the distinction of having three outfits in Final Fantasy VI. There is the green mesh that Sprite seems to be wearing, which is not practical, or what a general would use. Then there is the opera dress for her secret mission, which she made clear was not her style.

Finally, there are her outfits in Yoshitaka Amano’s concept art, which can also be seen on the Final Fantasy Anthology FMVs. The outfit is a yellow vest of medieval inspiration and pants over a dark blouse. Points deducted for useless points around the hips, but the rest of the outfit is solid.

8. Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is a martial arts specialist specializing in hand-to-hand combat and physical damage. No way could she have given all those kicks and punches in the comfort of her Final Fantasy VII outfits, which consisted of a tank top, miniskirt and suspenders that barely held the outfit.

The remake’s character designers wanted to align Tifa’s look with “modern standards”. They added a black sports bra and leggings for a sporty look and placed more emphasis on their athletic build than on their sex appeal. With this redesign, Tifa definitely wins the best prize.

9. Rinoa with all his heart

Final Fantasy VIII outfits are much easier to wear than their predecessors, and the lead actress’ wardrobe shows that. Rinoa wears a blue sleeveless cardigan over a black top with matching arm warmers and cycling shorts.

She also wears a mini denim skirt over bicycle shorts, a deconstruction-style ode that was popular in Japan in the 1990s. Rinoa’s outfit has some quirks, but it’s one that anyone can put together for a normal day out.

10. Princess grenade / dagger

Last but not least, Princess Garnet (alter ego Dagger) does a better job than Ashe when it comes to making a fleeting princess outfit. Her idea of ​​”the last thing a princess would wear” is a yellow jumpsuit over a white peasant blouse.

The jumpsuit looks like it is made of polyester-spandex, which offers a lot of flexibility for all physical activities associated with a secret escape from the castle. Garnet was even sensible enough to put on a white magician cloak to hide even more of her identity. She wins first place for her practical decisions in a high-risk situation.

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