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what i wore to school this week! (spring outfit ideas)

School Uniform – Should it be Abolished?

I have attended so many different schools with such different uniform guidelines; I am probably one of the few chosen ones who have personal experience with both sides of the argument. In all, I have attended eighteen schools during my education, which is due to my parents’ habit of moving every few months.

Someone once asked me if my parents were criminals running from the law, who had moved so often, but in reality, my father was one of those who always took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves, and as a result, my brother and I led a somewhat gypsy existence for most of our early childhood.

The problem, I think, is always a question of extremes. Either school chooses a ridiculously strict code and complicated combination of colors and badges, or they choose not to wear any uniform at all, leading to outrageous dress code violations, especially among young girls.

I attended two different boarding schools as a child, and both had strict uniform rules. Our Sunday dress at the first one, the English school, was made of green, scraped wool fabric, which was transformed into a long, starched sleeve dress with removable collars and cuffs, which had to be as rigid as plastic. White gloves were to be worn at all times, and a straw jar, which was completely wrongly shaped for any human head, leaving the red wheels on the forehead, with green ribbons hanging down the back. We all looked a little bit like crazy Morris dancers.

The second school I attended as a boarding student was in New Zealand, and they had accepted a kilt for the winter, a tribute to the principal’s ethnicity. They had to choose between MacGregor’s tartan and Campbell’s. This was combined with a royal blue shirt, a blazer in another shade of blue, a hat in another shade of blue, and a coat in another shade of blue. The summer clothes consisted of blue and white striped dresses, fortunately without a boatman.

Later I visited a school that did not have a uniform code. I felt a bit lost trying to compete with girls who had large closets (of course they hadn’t spent the last four years at boarding school without meeting the requirement for fashionable suits) and I wanted to get back into my uniform. At some point, I realized that it didn’t matter what you wore as long as it was too short or too long or accompanied by inch-thick makeup.

The best uniform idea I ever saw was a school that decreed that the uniform should be gray at the bottom and white at the top, in any style and shape, with a gray sweater or sweatshirt and in summer a striped dress of a certain material, also in any style and shape. In this way, people who were too thin or too thick could choose something that favored their particular shape.

it’s a moon??? it’s a horseshoe??? no! it’s just a necklace!

hello everyone !! here’s what I wore to school this past week! I love to pick out my outfits the night before so that i can spend time trying to make them cute hahaha. let me know which one is ur fave! thank u for watching and I Luv u so much xx

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