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Summer aesthetic outfits

Summer aesthetic outfits

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With more options than ever to buy from, nailing your fit is getting even more important. Here’s why understanding the aesthetic of your favorite brands can help you wear better looking, better fitting clothing.


If you’ve been reading The Modest Man blog, you understand that fit is by far the most important element of how you dress: cheap clothing that fits is always better than luxury, expensive stuff that doesn’t.

But even within the scope of clothing that fits you, there are tons of different styles and twists: skinny and slim, tapered and wide, high rise and low rise, destroyed and clean, faded and solid…you get the gist.

Where do these things fit in?

Style aesthetics
Street, preppy, rugged, minimal…the choice is yours!

The details that you prefer on top of fit are your aesthetic. They can be variations on how things fit or how they’re designed, and there’s no one-size-fits-all: your aesthetic is yours, and it often takes years to figure out exactly what it is.


To help you zone in on exactly what your aesthetic is, here are a few popular ones that you might be familiar with.


The monochrome aesthetic means wearing solid, muted colors that play well together. Some popular elements of this style are:

  • Faded black jeans
  • Low profile white sneakers
  • Solid pocket t-shirts
  • An army-style watch

Monochrome is cool because it allows you to shift focus on to one element of what you’re wearing. For example, if most of your outfit is muted, wearing a flashy pair of sneakers can create a cool mix of contrasts.


Suave is a classic, classy, and trim take on dressed up outfits. Some popular parts of a suave aesthetic:

  • Crisp, slim fit blue chinos
  • A small gingham button down shirt
  • Tan wingtip oxfords
  • Crystal rimmed glasses

Suave conveys an aura of sophistication without sacrificing comfort, but usually stays away from the sneaker arena.

Suave is a great way to dress for work while still being able to show off some flair (a vest, a polka dot shirt, etc.) If you’re feeling bold, you can try switching in a pair of clean white sneakers.


The preppy aesthetic is as popular as it is notorious: when people think about Long Island, pools, boat shoes, and boats – this is what they’re picturing.

Preppy evokes the old school vibe, inspired by university stripes and pastel color palettes. Here’s what a preppy aesthetic might manifest itself in:

  • Striped shorts
  • A faded, pastel pocket t-shirt
  • Boat shoes
  • A watch with a fabric band

If you’ve ever been inside a Brooks Brothers store, you’ll notice that most of their models and mannequins evoke the suave aesthetic.

Pastel colors are generally a great way to add subtle flash to an outfit, and you might find it useful to swap in sneakers for those boat shoes for a more balanced look.


As exercise and athletics have made it further into mainstream culture, a whole new aesthetic in its vein has surfaced.

Classic apparel manufacturers like Nike and Adidas have been making cool, modern clothing that doesn’t make it obvious you just went to the gym.

Here’s what you might be wearing if you’re embodying the athletic aesthetic (I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it!):

  • Black sweatpants / joggers
  • A pair of non-leather sneakers
  • A camo style hoodie

Notice how these people look put together even though they’re wearing athletic clothing? Yeah, it’s called athleisure, and the aesthetic is getting ever more popular given the comfort and practicality it brings to the table.

You can always swap in a pair of leather sneakers or jeans for a more blended aesthetic.


Streetwear might be the most foreign to you, but it’s surging in popularity among the younger crowd. There are two main focuses: legendary brands and avante garde pairings.

The poster child for this aesthetic is Supreme, which in general is an interesting case study on how brands can grow in unique ways. Here are some pieces of a typical streetwear outfit:

  • Skinny jeans stacked at the bottom
  • An ironic shirt with a flashy pattern
  • A pair of rare sneakers that garner respect

Now I know what you might be thinking: what the heck are these people wearing?! Don’t worry: streetwear spans the gamut from cool to crazy.

The idea is that each piece you’re wearing has a bit of personality and history, and encourages discussions among enthusiasts with mutual interests.

Streetwear is unique in that many items are legitimately scarce, and entire online communities and marketplaces exist for people to exchange goods, outfits, and opinions.

I’ll often integrate one streetwear style element (a pair of Yeezy sneakers, a statement sweatshirt) into an otherwise monochrome outfit to create some pop without too much fanfare.


Frequently referred to as Scandinavian Minimalism, this aesthetic is all about simple, unbranded fits in mostly neutral color palettes.

  • Solid color crewneck sweatshirt
  • Slim straight khaki or navy chinos
  • White sneakers / taupe Chelsea boots

The minimal aesthetic is one of Brock’s favorites, as it lends itself to an interchangeable, four season wardrobe.


Monochrome, suave, and streetwear are only a few examples of the hundreds of different aesthetics out there. The only way to find yours is to experiment: buy, wear, and combine different items until you find what you like.

This process takes time: I’ve cycled through a number of different aesthetics over the years until I converged on what I like, and it’s still constantly evolving.

Here are a few tips for how to get comfortable with your own aesthetic:


When you’re shopping (either online or in person), start paying more attention to what the models are wearing, and how the pieces fit together. Over time you’ll start to recognize patterns that you can integrate into your own wardrobe.


If you already have a bunch of clothing that you like, think about new ways to combine it. What colors can you combine? Which sneakers bring out the best in the rest of your outfit? How do your preferences change across seasons?


Staying fiscally responsible is obviously of the utmost importance, but most men don’t shop enough for new clothing. Buying a new shirt or pair of jeans every few weeks will help you craft an aesthetic by collecting different types of pieces.

The more options you have, the more creative you can get with combining them.

Remember, your personal aesthetic is your own, and doesn’t need to fit into anyone’s box.




Weekend Style // Beige Aesthetic

beige aesthetic

Hi all! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know just how much of a fan I am of beige and neutral tones. I actually feel like it’s all I’ve been wearing lately and my wardrobe is becoming even more simple and minimal. With fall right around the corner, I’m sure I’ll be incorporating warmer and richer tones into my looks soon. But for now, I’m going to be rocking my summer neutrals for as long as I can!


I want to share some of my tips for wearing a neutral outfit, especially when it is an all-over look as the one I’m sporting in the photos. I use these tips to help keep my look interesting and not too blah.

1. Add a splash of color

Sometimes when my monochromatic look doesn’t have enough differing tones to break things up, I like to add in a pop of color. The teal stripes on my arms give me the perfect amount of color without taking away from the overall beige aesthetic. You can achieve the same effect with some colorful and bold earrings, or even a playful accessory hooked onto your bag!

2. Play with textures

Texture is a great way to change things up in a subtle, yet sophisticated way. Even if two articles of clothing are the same color, if their textures are different they will give off completely different vibes. So have fun playing with texture and see what kind of fun looks you can come up with.

3. All about the fit

Since your outfit will be more or less the same color, fit becomes so so important! It’s all the more easy for your outfit to look sloppy and blend all together in these cases, so take extra care to make sure everything fits well. There’s a difference between ‘oversized’ and ill-fitting!

minimal style inspo

I’ve had this Mo:Vint top for a while now, but oddly never wore it. I figured it was finally time to let it see some light, so I planned a monochromatic look around it. Also, shoutout to this bag that I’ve been sporting all summer. I picked it up during my Taiwan trip for about $10 and have definitely gotten good use of it!





60 Winter Outfits For Men – Cold Weather Male Styles

Winter can present many challenges for the average fashionable man’s wardrobe, and the ridiculous variety of weather and temperatures creates the opportunity for great success with your outfits or utter fashion failure.

The key to surviving the winter is first and foremost, knowing how to layer properly.

Of course, that also includes understanding how your clothing can not only serve to protect you from the elements, but also to showcase your brilliant sense of style and attention to the finest details.

By taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by the frigid season, men can show the world they aren’t completely unaware of style and sophistication.

The classic winter outfit for a man is a tailored sweater, which is perfect for just about any social or business situation when paired with a nice collared shirt underneath. For those in the colder climates, a winter coat is a great addition to any outfit. Modern fashionable winter coats are available in a variety of styles, but wool and cotton continue to be the warmest and most popular. Some men prefer the appearance of the long winter coats that nearly trail the ground behind them, and those are fine if the weather and social scene allow. In many cases, a standard winter coat will do the trick.

There’s no reason at all to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, so feel free to accessorize with earmuffs, gloves, hats, and anything else that makes those falling temperatures more tolerable. It’s easy to ensure coordination through all those accessories as well since the majority of them are sold in dark colors such as black and grey. There are even matching sets of hats, gloves, and earmuffs that can bring together a winter ensemble in the best way.

Of course, scarves can not be forgotten in a man’s winter wardrobe. They might seem like a naturally feminine accessory, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A nice scarf can protect against the biting cold during each breath, and they can be incorporated in a number of ways to bring together a complete aesthetic. Thick wool scarves with dark tones and limited design are the standard for men, but it’s alright to incorporate a bit of darker color in the scarf if it is reflected at other points in the outfit, especially the tie, shirt, or pocket square. These will typically fall somewhere in the blue or red color spectrums, both of which are ideal options for blending with blacks and grays.


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