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How to Make the Best of a Good Fancy Dress Theme

The ideas about costumes are numerous. If your theme has been decided beforehand or you have decided what you would like to wear, then you are ready to start. But where should you start? In this article, you will find some fabulous costume ideas that will fire your imagination.

When it comes to budgeting, think about how much you want to spend and then plan your clothes accordingly. The costumes can be bought from a store (probably online these days), rented, or, for the more adventurous, made to order. Remember that no matter which way you choose, costumes can be adorned with accessories, wigs, makeup, hats, jewelry, etc. to maximize their impact.

Here are some examples of what you can add to a costume to complete the look:

Bunny girls – bunny ears, bow tie, stockings and braces, high heels

clown suits – red nose, braces, face paint, curly wig, clown shoes, flower verses, juggling balls or similar accessories

A pirate – pirate hat, eye patch, sword, hook, scarf, boots, painted face scars, beard and/or wig

Sexy/Erotic/Moulin Rouge – Socks and suspenders, high-heeled shoes/knee-length boots, extravagant toupee/hair clip, gloves, jewelry, eyelashes, panties

Uniform subjects – belts, hats, accessories (e.g., batons, guns, handcuffs, fire extinguishers, glasses, stethoscope, briefcase, walkie-talkie)

Once the costume is classified, there’s more to do. You can use your costume theme during the party/event to a great extent. The most obvious is a competition to see who dresses best or wears the best costumes. This is all very well, but can often exclude the more shy and reserved guests. Another idea is to plan games in which everyone participates at the same time. Perhaps a murder mystery game where guests play a role, or a singing game at karaoke where guests try to sing their roles, or perhaps even a dancing game.

Another way to expand the “costume” theme would be to dress the room thematically. This could include simple party decorations such as balloons and banners or, for the more adventurous, use your place as a stage with props, mementos, curtains, lights, and music, etc.

Food and drink could also be thematically relevant. Use your imagination and ask yourself: “What could the pirates eat?”, “How can I make my food sexy?”, “Should my food be colorful?”, “How can I make my food scary?” or “What did they eat in the 1920s?” Do you see where this is going?

All these costumes may be very good, but for most of us it’s a big challenge to execute them well. Don’t be afraid, there’s help available. The Internet is a fantastic source of inspiration and resources to find help for your party. Google will find party planning sites, costume sites, catering sites, recipe sites, game ideas, and just about anything else you want.


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