Testing “11 Best Fun Halloween Costumes! DIY Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas” by Crafty Panda

Testing “11 Best Fun Halloween Costumes! DIY Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas” by Crafty Panda
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We are almost 1 week away from Halloween so I turned to the internet to see what some good last minute cheap DIY halloween costumes would be and WOW I found some gems! The first at home “do it yourself” costume idea is the melted ice cream costume, this look is made with paint, sprinkles and (preferably) a bright colored wig! Mine is lace front, human hair in hot pink from Wigsbuy.com FYI! Overall this was a relatively easy, fun and creative costume idea and one I might do this year!
The second is the Upside Down Face DIY Halloween Costume. this one is made with your everyday makeup, latex and cotton balls. This one was not my favorite by far but was still a pretty fun idea! Someone try this one with spirit gum or putty instead and let me know if it works better please!
The third and last costume is the DIY Bat Wings Outfit (not Batman). All you need is an umbrella and some tools to take it a part and BAM you got yourself some bat wigs! I absolutely loved this one because yo can dress it up anyway you want! Creative and perfect in any halloween setting, GOOD JOB CRAFTY PANDA!

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