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Plan Your Whole Outfit in a Snap

Dress, shoes, socks, jewelry, hair, purse. There is an endless list of things to plan, buy, and coordinate in preparation for a great event. Shopping and experimenting can be fun at first, but often it becomes frustrating and things never seem to fit together. Despair and facilitate coordination by making some decisions early on.

Know your limits

Knowing what to wear, what not to wear, and what not to wear. Strap-on heels may look adorable, but if you stumble all night, you won’t look so pretty. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy comparing, contrasting, and agonizing over every possible choice, you should evaluate your realistic options before setting foot in a store.

When thinking about what to buy, consider all the details (including the not-so-pleasant ones). If you are unsure of your arms, look at dresses with long sleeves or pretty scarves. Try not to focus on why you can’t wear anything. Instead, focus on why you should wear something else.

Choose a centerpiece

When you decorate a room, you usually choose one particular piece from which everything else comes. This way you can establish a focus for your design and keep your original vision in mind.

You should approach your team in the same way. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a necklace or just a hair accessory, choose a piece that represents what your outfit should be. Once you have that piece, you can coordinate all the other pieces around it.

This method of clothing planning is perfect if you question yourself often or change your mind. By committing to one piece and not looking back, you can stop worrying about the “if” of clothing planning and concentrate on maximizing the look you want.

Just a few stores…

In the rush to get everything you need, you may want to consider running from one boutique to another to get the best deal, the best color, the best… the best… Instead of thinking about which store to buy from, choose a few department stores in different price ranges.

You may think that you are limiting yourself and that you are missing the one and only perfect piece. However, research has shown that the ability to make an informed decision decreases with the increasing choice. After visiting ten stores, you may have in mind ten different dresses, each with its own charm and appeal. Choosing between these ten dresses will be much more difficult than choosing between two or three dresses.

Do not emphasize

And finally, you shouldn’t have any stress when you put on a suit. With concentration, foresight, and limitations you can stay sane, enjoy your planning experience, and easily put together a beautiful outfit. Try to buy your dream dress as soon as possible to give yourself more time and space.

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