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When most people think of costumes, imagine big costume parties where people have a lot of fun without worrying about the world. Many people think of Christmas and New Year and all the festivities that go with it. Some even remember the good times they had as kids on Halloween when they dressed up as witches, vampires, and ghosts. The simple fact is that dressing up is a great tradition and it’s all about having a lot of fun.

In Britain, costumes date back to the 18th-century costume parties where high society types would meet and have fun in their country homes. However, it was the ever-innovative Victorians who brought out the true meaning of costumes at their parties, where many people appeared dressed up as characters from strange stories and in traditional costumes from all over the Empire.

Today, the costume is second nature when it comes to celebrating special moments of the year. Halloween is undoubtedly the highlight of the year when it comes to costumes, and it is an industry in itself. Millions of dollars are made from the sale of costumes, accessories, wigs, and many other items. People have so much fun at Halloween that it has become a loving part of everyday culture. Kids love dressing up as witches, vampires, and ghosts; adults get excited about all the Halloween costumes that are fun or sexy!

Christmas is another great time for costume shopping and parties. Santa Claus is the cultural symbol of Christmas and that’s why many costumes and Santa hats are bought for the holidays. Costume parties at Christmas are a lot of fun, people have fun with warm wine and kisses under the mistletoe. A big part of Christmas for children is the school Christmas play. This means that parents and teachers are anxious to arrange manger costumes like an angel costume, animal costumes, and even camel costumes. Fortunately, children’s costumes are available online and in costume shops at reasonable prices.

Today, the costume industry is such a big business that almost every cultural creation such as a movie or a book is associated with costumes or costume accessories. The advertising is so well and precisely targeted that they fall like dominoes, one by one, with the desire to buy a costume. Movies about pirates in the Caribbean, for example, produced countless pirate costumes such as dresses, glasses, and even Aztec gold pieces! Don’t take anything away from the producers, this is marketing at the highest level.

Perhaps one of the best films for the costume industry was Mama Mia, an ABBA production. Not only did it massively increase sales of ABBA suits, but it also revived the demand for suits from the 80s and 70s, such as jumpsuits and even ABBA wigs. Costume ideas for women are almost out of control – apparently, everyone wants to be a prom queen!

The increased military action in Afghanistan and Iraq has apparently led to increased sales of uniform suits, such as army suits, sailors, and even airplane flyers, along with accessories to enhance the suits, such as machine guns and aviator glasses. Not only have adults benefited from the overabundance of army costumes, etc., but children have also benefited from the costumes. The nation rightly supports our troops.
Girls’ costumes are usually based on fairytale characters from bedtime stories such as princesses, angels, and witches. For little girls, there are some high quality and quite cute costumes that make them feel special at costume parties. In fact, angel costumes and fairy tale costumes are still top sellers and will probably continue to be so for years to come.

Boys, like girls, dress up in stories and TV shows that pique their interest. For example, Bob the Builder made a big impression on boys, and so there was a huge increase in the number of builder’s suits available, as there was in WWE wrestling – boys are boys and they are always looking for the costume that will make all their friends jealous!

The spectrum of adult costumes ranges from scary to popular to even sexy. From a social point of view, adults still dress like children as an expression of their own image. Many women, for example, think they are sexy and therefore opt for revealing costumes like cheeky devils and sexy Santa Claus. Men, on the other hand, live out their childhood fantasies and dress up as “male” characters like firemen, policemen, or even soldiers. For this reason, manufacturers are able to create a large number of costumes and make great profits.

The conclusion is that the costume is an excuse to let your imagination run wild with the costumes and ultimately have fun. Tradition should be accepted by all, as it apparently supports the fabric of material society and allows individuals to express themselves in new and distinctive ways that would otherwise be ridiculed. Basically, pull your hair down and celebrate!

Hi loves! FINALLY! here’s my back to school outfits using only clothes from ROSS! I could’ve kept mixing and matching these outfits every which way but here are some of my favorite little looks. Of course, the skirt with the jacket would’ve looked cute too or could’ve gone for a jean on jean with the jackets and denim bottoms. Regardless I hope this gives you guys a little inspiration with your back to school outfits. But also more importantly showed you guys could look cute on a budget. Everything besides the backpack was from Ross and was all under ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS including the shoes. Let me know which outfit was your favorite or how you would mix and match these items! XOXO love you guys!



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