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Top Ten Fancy Dress Ideas

Carnival parties are a great way to get everyone together for a night of fun. Whether you want to show off your creative outfits at your local pub or club or in the privacy of a house party, a costume is a great way to experience a different night. Gone are the days when costumes were limited to children’s birthdays, as adults across the country like nothing more than to indulge in a trip to the world of costume. The celebrations of the decade are very popular, especially for birthday parties. For example, if the person giving the party was born in 1974, the 1970s might simply be the theme of the party.

TV and movie characters are a popular ongoing option for all kinds of celebrations. From Borat to Lara Croft to DangerMouse, there is a wide range of options for people to choose from. By simply selecting a letter of the alphabet, your guests are free to choose what they want to wear. For example, a “V” party would call dressing up as a shepherd, slut, villain, or anything else that begins with the letter “V.” Your guests are only limited by their imagination! The inspiration for the canvas is a great way to create a fun costume party. Guests can dress up as their favorite movie star and the possibilities are endless. The Wild West is another classic theme for which costumes can be easily conjured up. Cowboy boots, jeans, and plaid shirts are the basics and are guaranteed to add a touch of silver hi-ho to the evening.

The “What You Want to Be When You Grow Up” theme is fun because everyone can choose their exact costume and you can find out what all your friends wanted to be when they were younger. A unified theme is another easy and especially popular option for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Sailors and firemen for the boys and nurses and flight attendants for the girls.

Spread some good karma and have a fun party by choosing a charity shop theme. Set a price limit and ask guests to buy their clothes from a local charity shop. No two pieces of clothing are alike when it comes to this theme.


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