Preppy Outfits

Preppy Outfits

How to Dress as Preppy Girl? 20 Cute Preppy Outfits Ideas

Preppy Outfits Ideas. There is a constant misunderstanding of preps being snobs, which, judging by the costly attire and accessories they buy, this is not surprising. However, this assumption can be very easy to attain if you are not careful about how you dress. So how do you succeed in getting the preppy look without looking snobbish? What make-up style should you use? This article will cover the basic tips on how to dress like preppy girl, preppy style clothing ideas and create your own pretty, snob-free, preppy look.


Preppy Girl Dressing Tips
Most preppy girl fashion will consist of plain, classy clothing from upper-class retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Vineyard Vines. Preppy wear colours consist of pinks and yellows with the odd blue thrown in. Remember! The preppy look is all about being intelligent and well educated so make sure your look is classy and not trashy. Collared tops with either puff or long sleeves are ideal. Why not accessorise these with a cute tee? Tartan is a favourite pattern choice for preppies, so it is not unusual to see a preppy girl rocking tartan skirts, jumpers, and knee-high socks. Make sure your tartan is matching though. For example, do not wear a red tartan skirt and then wear blue tartan socks. This will destroy your preppy image, and the feel of being educated will go flying out the window. The most common seen preppy skirt is the very versatile short pleated mini and these do look stunning with knee-high socks and the correct style of top to go with it. Why not find your own perfect colour of tartan which compliments your complexion?

Footwear for the Preppy Girl
A preppy girl’s shoe rack will consist of simple footwear such as tennis sneakers, loafers, and moccasins. Brands such as Rainbow Sandals, Jack Rogers and Sperry’s Top-Sider Boat Shoes are all a must for any wannabe prep. Top siders are great as a summer shoe and, as any prep will know, are the perfect footwear when aboard daddy’s boat. All preps have some sort of nautical twist and will gladly show this in their clothing and footwear. Flat classy oxfords are an excellent choice for preppy girls. They come in a range of colours and are brilliant for adding a sophisticated twist to any outfit?

Preppy Make-Up Look
Preppy girls will always have perfectly groomed, clean hair and flawlessly applied make-up. Ideally, a good complexion to start with help as you will not need such a range of make-up items such as concealer and foundation. Make-up MUST be applied to clean skin as preppy girls have a huge thing about personal hygiene. Most make-up tones will include pastels and neutral colours. These have a cute and intellectual look to them and do not come over as brash or cheap which the preppy girl most definitely is not! Keep it simple.
Remember, preppy does not mean snobby. If you try too hard to gain the preppy image, you may come across as pretentious, and this is completely missing the point of the prep style.

Let’s see some top fashion bloggers in preppy style outfits. You can get a lot of ideas from these pictures(via) as to how to make a perfect preppy outfit combination.

Spring Preppy Look.

We are in love with this beautiful spring combo. All cool and classy and awesome. The white graphic short with stripes and perfectly matched with blue fitted jeans cropped and pink plimsolls with a matching shoulder bag and sunglasses. Tie up your hair if planning to spend the day out in the sun or let them loose if attending classes.

cute preppy outfits for girls (1)

Floral prints are always a hit with preppy girls. This beautiful water colored inspired dress is a perfect wear for any daytime party or a simple lunch with your mum. Wear red Lita shoes and a nice matching clutch. If you have short hair have bangs in the front and if long hair loose curls will be the best look. Accessorize with bracelets only.

cute preppy outfits for girls (2)

Summer Preppy Girl  Dress.

Lace tops are a huge rave among young to middle-aged women. They instantly give you the feel of a best dressed person and confidence in yourself. For the summer heat put on this gorgeous beige top with your blue denim shorts. A statement necklace will be enchanting if worn with a gold bracelet and cuffed sandals. Tie your hair in a side bun as you want the focus on the outfit. Shoulder bag is a must with shades.

cute preppy outfits for girls (3)

Funky style.

cute preppy outfits for girls (4)

 Winter Preppy Dress combination.

Neatness and accuracy in dressing is a trademark of all preppy girls and they want to stand out for these reasons only. Such is the case with this comfortable yet chic black and white combo outfit. The black cardigan and tights are a nice mix for the cold weather and a beanie will give the look of a fashionista when worn along with a classy skirt. Let your hair loose and wear a nice neutral lip color. Plimsolls are the best choice of shoes for this dress.

cute preppy outfits for girls (5)

Office wear for the preppy woman. What a great color match up with red and black. A collared shirt with a black jacket and nice black Louboutins with a matching bag. Collared shirts mostly require tying up your hair.

cute preppy outfits for girls (7)

Preppy doesn’t always mean chinos or skirts. Wear these nice fitted jeans with black heels and a numeric graphic shirt if you are an NBA fan or attending a football game. Small pouch will be good with this outfit.

cute preppy outfits for girls (8)


Oxfords are a preppy girls’ best friends. So always invest in a good pair because they can be matched up with so many outfits these days.

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 Preppy style tips for college girls.

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Biker jacket with Polka dot top and Midi Skirt.

What a fascinating way to wear your leather jacket and keeping everything else toned down so as you follow your inspiration as well as add the spice jazzed up with a blue skirt and black heels. Part rock anthem is what this outfit should be called for stylish girls.

cute preppy outfits for girls (13)

Sports Look. A perfect preppy hairstyle for this outfits.

cute preppy outfits for girls (14)

Preppy Look with Denim Jacket and Combat Boots. See ideas how to wear combat boots with different outfits.

cute preppy outfits for girls (15)

Peplum top with Knee High Boots.Winter Look.

cute preppy outfits for girls (16)


Street style.

cute preppy outfits for girls (18)

Burgundy autumn

cute preppy outfits for girls (19)

Formal Look.

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Preppy outfits for high school

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