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Choosing Sailor Fancy Dress

If you’re invited to a costume party and competing for costume ideas, a sailor’s suit is a great idea. Sailor suits fit many themes. You can use the costumes for a movie theme like Top Gun or Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman. The costumes can be both formal and casual.

Officer’s suits are perfect for a formal party, as they are very similar to those of an officer or captain of a real ship. Old style suits are more informal. The costumes can also reflect different eras, with modern as well as older traditional sailor’s suits.

The type of costume available to women is either an officer’s costume or something more permissive and cheeky. If you are sure, a salsa costume will look great. The costumes usually come with hats, but some well-worn accessories such as shoes, anchor collars, or anchor socks can really round out a costume.

For men’s suits, you can go back to traditional, formal sailor clothing, or you can get older sailor dresses like the dark sailor or the white dresses from some of the early sailor movies and cartoons like Popeye.

Children can also dress in a wide variety of costumes available to them. Children love to dress up as pirates, but dressing up as a sailor can also be great, especially if it’s a family celebration since everyone can go with costumes with the same theme.

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► Monday | Causal Party
Top: Poster Girl by Dolls Kill
Joggers: Poster Girl by Dolls Kill

► Tuesday | All About The Gym
Sneakers: (similar, new 2019 version)
Workout Set:

► Wednesday | Birthday Dinner/Drinks
Sneakers: (similar for amazon)
Top: Free People
Leggings: Zara
Jacket: Topshop

► Thursday | Packing & Preparing For Florida
Shoes: none lol
Sweatpants: Misguided
Top: Brandy Melville

► Friday | Hair Appointment & Errands
Sneakers: (similar for amazon)
Top: Topshop
Sweatpants: Dolls Kill

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