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Pirate Fancy Dress Ideas For Female Pirates

Becoming a pirate is a great idea for a Halloween costume. Pirate costumes are originally designed for boys, but it’s nicer when worn by girls. The good news is that you can be a pirate girl or a captain. Both costumes can make you look sexy.

How to be a pirate girl

If you want to become a pirate girl, you need the following for your pirate costume: a low-cut white blouse with long sleeves, a colorful bra, a miniskirt or a long, flowing skirt and scarf. It is best to wear a bra that can be tied at the front. It should be low enough so that the blouse can be seen through it.

Mini skirts or long skirts are sufficient. Just make sure that long skirts have long slits on the sides when you wear them. The scarf is tied around the head. Match it with a pair of knee-length boots or higher. You should use a very dark eyeliner to complete the look.

How to Become a Captain

Another great female pirate costume is to dress up as a captain. This is great for women with strong personalities. The look has to be dominant and take over. First of all, I would need a captain’s hat. Wear a triangular hat with feathers to make it look more feminine.

The outfit consists of a pair of black composite pants or tight black tights, depending on what you have, that is tucked in high black boots. You’ll need a blouse with a higher neckline and a lace-up the lace. You will also need a brocade jacket or a pirate’s coat. It should have a large cuff and a wide buttoned lapel.

It should have pirate accessories

The captain’s hat

The hat plays an important role in a pirate’s costume. It is so important that you can look at the hat and know that you are dealing with a pirate. A triangular hat is very distinctive and is available in specialist shops. Choosing to wear the captain’s costume without a hat is a big mistake.


If you choose a pirate costume, the costume will be completed with a scarf tied around the head. The second scarf goes up to the waist, for this you need a relatively long scarf because it has to be covered at the sides of the legs.


How can one call oneself a pirate without the flashy jewels in the captured treasure chest? A pirate’s costume must be decorated with gold jewels. You can wear gold bracelets and large bow earrings.

The pirate look

First, take a black eyeliner and then thicken the application. You can also put a patch on your eye and if possible use a gold tooth. Adding a hook or a sword makes this pirate costume more realistic.


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