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Fancy Dress Ideas – Top Five Tips

Are you planning a costume party or have you been invited to a party and need a costume? Finding a costume doesn’t have to cost the earth or be a chore, it can be easy and affordable if you are know-how.

1. Think of a theme – a favorite movie, a fairy tale, a time in history, or something you like.
2. Make yourself comfortable, think about the season, the weather, the place of the party, the activities.
3. Make it affordable – make your own charity shops, used, cheap costumes.
4. Make it fun – choose something you like, brainstorm with your friends, wear matching costumes.
5. Accessories – with accessories a costume can be easy to create or make a really outstanding costume.

Tip 1: You’ll need to think of some costume ideas first, so you’ll need to choose a theme first. Once the hostess has decided this for you, you will have to reduce this theme to individual costume ideas. But let’s say you have to think of a theme, first, think about what you like: do you have a favorite film, a TV series, an animated film, a toy, a storybook, a fairy tale, a superhero, a real-life hero, a period in history or a country? These are all good starting points, and if you like something, you can take a character of that genre and break down the elements you need to recreate that character in a costume.

Tip 2: It’s a good idea to think about how comfortable you’ll be in a costume, for example, if you don’t want to wear a furry bear costume or a mask that makes you sweat in the hot summer. Equally important is that if it’s winter and you want to wear a tight suit, think about how warm the place will be because you don’t want to ruin your suit with goosebumps. Think about how you will travel to the party in your costume. Will you be exposed on public transportation or is your trip too long? Then think about whether you will eat or drink and how easy it will be to do so in your costume. If you wear a mask, will you have to take it off to have a drink? And finally think about what kind of party it will be: will you dance? If so, you’ll have to wear something with enough movement so you can strut comfortably on the dance floor.

Tip 3: Since a costume is probably only worn once, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, so think about how you can make it affordable. You can search the Internet and find some great and affordable costumes if you want to buy a whole costume off the shelf. Alternatively, you can choose a theme for which you can create a costume for your own clothes with some selected accessories. If you check the old clothes that you have never thrown away, you will often find something that with a small modification could become the perfect costume. Another great way to design an inexpensive costume is to browse the charity shops or even search the internet for used clothes or used costumes, for example on eBay.

Tip 4: Have fun choosing and making your costume by involving your friends, coming up with some ideas together, then making your costume together, and even exchanging or borrowing the clothes. You can even wear matching costumes if you go with a group of friends, or coordinate your costume with your partner. Don’t let it become a chore when you are invited to a costume party and need to come up with an idea. If the theme is based on a movie or TV series, get the DVD and make it a night to watch and get lots of ideas. Make it fun by taking some time to put together your costume and don’t worry too much about what others will wear. There’s always a chance that you’ll be the same character as someone else or wear the same costume, but that’s part of the fun!

Tip 5: Accessories, props! Accessories are the key to great costumes. They’re a great way to keep the cost of a costume down by adding them to a costume in your own closet or charity shop because they create a very specific character reference. Accessories are also perfect for any costume you buy, no matter how big or small your budget, because they emphasize the character of the costume. With accessories, costumes are fun and don’t cost much. Accessories can include anything as small as a pair of earrings or a pair of false teeth, even a hat, a wig, a purse, a gun, a sword, a pair of wings, almost anything. Accessories are really the key to costume ideas. So if you follow these five tips when you come up with costume ideas, you’ll come up with some in no time, you’ll get a great costume, and in the meantime, have a lot of fun putting it together.

I had a competition with my ex-best friend to make Halloween outfits look cute and Rex decides which outfit is cuter out of 3 rounds. Who do you think should win? Watch more Royale High with Rex from the Dark Prince series➜
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