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i wore bold outfits to school for a week and this is what happened

What to Wear On a Date – 4 Outfit Options for Dinner and a Movie

In the age of reality shows, we think that date means parachuting over the Caribbean, beating up twenty other women for a date, and if the date goes well, you get a rose at the end of the night. With shows like The Bachelor, it’s no wonder women get confused about what to wear on a date because according to reality shows you never know what the date will bring. Well, signal the waiter that it’s time to get your reality check. Your dates are usually the old-fashioned way, dinner, and a movie.

It’s nice to get dressed once in a while, and a date is one of the rare occasions you can get dressed. You should dress a little better than you do in your everyday clothes. You don’t have to wear a diamond dress to point out the garçon in the restaurant. However, if your everyday clothes are a 5, then you should aim for a 5, 5 or 6 for a date.

Here are some great choices of what to wear on a date:

Jeans can now be worn on almost any occasion. When designing a suit for a date, this is usually the easiest place to start. For a casual look, try jeans, a cool t-shirt, a three-quarter sleeve cardigan, and a cute pair of ballet skirts. To add a little elegance to the outfit, wear it with a big bracelet and a killer handbag or purse.

Another elegant outfit is a colorful summer dress with a denim jacket and a pair of strappy sandals. If you need a little height, you can try a pair of espadrilles or wedges. Wear it with a long necklace (medium length on the upper body) as the perfect accessory for this summer date outfit.

A pair of black shorts with a striped top and a black blazer is another great option for a date. The black blazer adorns the suit, and the striped top helps to break up all the black. You can turn this suit into an extra Hollywood suit by combining it with extra chic sunglasses and a men’s watch.

Find a maxi dress in a color that really suits your skin and combine it with a pair of black or brown cowboy boots. The dress is relaxed, comfortable, and feminine, but the cowboy boots say, “Don’t mess with me. The contrast of the two makes an interesting combination and will make your date fascinating.
It’s easy to know what to wear on a date when you lift your head out of the clouds. Your date could be to take you to Paris for dinner at the Eiffel Tower. However, if it doesn’t, you should be prepared for the most likely scenario with dinner and a movie. The dates of your dreams will come true one day, if the producers of “The Bachelor” lift their restraining order, it will be “Paris, here I come! Until then, just think jeans, a summer dress, black shorts, a maxi dress, and never stop dreaming.

this video was filmed/edited in MARCH, and it finally exported after 2 months so here it is!
btw i normally never wear cute/bold outfits to school, I never try, so in this video i did 🙂
creds to vereena, dez machado, zhirelle, and rachel cantu! ( i got inspired)

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