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I Wear Brandy *Employee Outfits for a Week … (were *they rude??) GIVEAWAY Fiona Frills

How to Plan Your Own Fancy Dress Party With These Great Tips and Ideas

On Halloween night, the most famous day when people of all ages can put on their roles both day and night, the costume enters into its element. In fact, the origins of Halloween go back to the Celts generations ago. They believed that evil spirits and the like had the ability to pass from their world to our world on that day, and they also used disguises and masks to try to scare them.

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a large one for Halloween, make sure you are well prepared for it. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Since we know that Halloween takes place on October 31st and that day usually falls on a weekday, it’s probably okay for young children to go trick-or-treating, but it’s certainly not the preferred time for a party. So first consider having the party on a Friday or perhaps Saturday night, so that people don’t necessarily have to work the next day, and this should be the weekend before or after that date. It is advisable to leave plenty of time for your invitations; you can buy or create your personal invitations and have them decorated to match the theme. This way you can get a better idea of the number of participants, so you can serve everyone and also have time for everyone to finish their own costumes.

You won’t be surprised to see a wide variety of vampires, demons, witches and even monsters, to name a few, but you may decide that you would like to have an additional theme to make things a little more interesting and also include a slightly larger selection of Halloween costumes. An example would be a pirate theme in which you and your guest can wear not only standard pirate costumes but also things like the deadly Pirates of the Caribbean characters.

Now you have to decide on your own Halloween costume, and whether you feel brave enough to make your own costume, or whether you decide to rent or buy a costume. If you decide to design a costume, you may discover some unwanted clothing or material that you would like to cut up, or you can even search the charity shops to see if you can find a large quantity. Charity shops are usually perfect for getting those late-breaking accessories to make your Halloween costume stand out. Hiring a costume will take the challenge out of making your own, especially if you’re not very creative. Where you’re going to get a costume will be close by and how quickly you can pick it up before the event to make sure you’re happy with the costume, what the costs are and what the hidden costs are. Look closely at the terms and conditions of the store, what charges will apply if there is an accident with the equipment, how soon after your event you will have to leave to retrieve the equipment, there is nothing worse than returning it the next day when you feel a little unsafe! The last option is to buy an outfit, accessories, and everything, either in a costume shop or on the Internet. In this store, you can try on the costume before you buy it so that you feel really comfortable with what you are going to wear.

When you buy online, you can have a much wider choice, and most websites also offer fast delivery. The benefits of making or buying your own costume mean that you don’t have to worry about the costume being damaged. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel relaxed and that the costume suits you, ultimately make sure you are the one making a WOW statement. After all, it’s your own party!

On this day you’ll want to make sure you have your home or living room, depending on where your party looks best. Therefore, decoration with pumpkins, spider webs, and chandeliers is a must, and you’ll want to add some surprise decorations. You can have severed arms and heads, skeletons, and even life-sized mummies and monsters. In some places, you can also get plastic background scenes that can be attached to the walls. Don’t forget the table decorations either. Make sure your family and friends get their food from people who are as fun as the rest of us, and use food coloring on cakes and edible snakes and so on to lift your spirits. You can also find a range of scary cocktails for your friends.

People might be inclined to try much harder if you let them know in your invitations that there are gifts for the best-dressed people and for those who win at activities if you choose one. Make sure the entertainment is age-appropriate for your guest, for example, some will bring small children. Watch out for balloons and soap bubbles to keep them happy, and you may want to turn down the music and try to have a mix available. You might find a radio station that offers a mix of party songs.

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In today’s video, I am wearing Brandy Melville employee outfits for a week. I always think the employees have cute outfits and typically wear Brandy Melville clothes. There are also a lot of videos on how rude the Brandy staff / employees can be. I am going into Brandy Melville 3 different times to ask each employee is I can take a picture of their outfit and to tell where each piece is (even if at a different store). I want to see how they treat me and also to get inspired by the outfit they are wearing. Then I wear each Brandy Melville outfit and give my rating on the outfit. Let me know what you think.

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