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Fancy Dress Ideas for the New Year Party

Everyone knows that New Year’s Eve is the only time of year when good looks are a prerequisite. Even if you are invited to a New Year’s Eve party where a costume is required. Whether you are looking for a cool, funky, or even silly costume, with the right look you can look good and feel good.

But with a carnival costume, you have to make a lot of decisions. There have already been millions of carnival parties, and on New Year’s Eve, there will be another million. So here are some costume ideas that will guarantee you won’t be alone when 2011 arrives:

1. Capes and Lycra

It’s a known fact that superhero costumes look good. Just look at Wonder Woman for the ladies and Batman for the men… and you don’t even have to have the perfect physique. They’re made to make you look like a superhero. The next option is… …what superhero? There’s a lot of superheroes to choose from. The classics have been made to death, so avoid Superman and Spider-Man costumes, which are a sure thing. Impress your New Year’s Eve party with something completely different. Try Iron Man, Wolverine, or Woody from Toy Story. This is your chance to shine, so pick a winner and wear it in style.

2. Suit and Boots

This one for men only. Almost every man out there has his own suit. It may not fit as well as it should, or the pants may have faded, but a suit is a suit. Whether you last wore it to your sister’s wedding in 1986 or to your last unsuccessful job interview, with a few simple adjustments you can have a fancy suit.

There are many possibilities here. With a black tie, sunglasses, and a small felt hat you are one of the Blues Brothers. With the suit, a thin black tie, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a toy gun you are Mr. Blonde of the Swamp Dogs. Is it Smith from Men in Black or Agent Smith from The Matrix? You may not get the best costume award, but it’s cheap and you won’t look stupid on your way home.

3. Do it yourself

Creative costume designers will want to put their own stamp on the suit. They just have to choose a costume that will achieve maximum effect with little effort. Choose a character who already has some clothes and save money, whether it’s a striped sweater (Freddy Krueger) or a plaid scarf (Rupert the Bear).

Once you have the clothes, the next step is to buy accessories, put on make-up, or wear a mask with minimum effort. Little touches will make your clothes special, so people can tell who you’re supposed to be when you change your hair or put makeup on your face, which is always a good start with homemade costumes.

4. Old favorites

There are some classic carnival costumes that always go well at any party. If you don’t have the confidence to try something completely new or off the rack, cover your bets with the old favorites. The selection is wide and flexible enough to suit any age, gender, or body shape. So grab your schoolgirl, nurse, pirate, or clown costume and get to the party.

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