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The 3 Most Unoriginal 70s Fancy Dress Ideas

The three most unoriginal ideas for carnival parties in the 1970s are undoubtedly the following:

Starsky and Hutch
A random guy from the ’70s who dances at the club…

These three 70’s costume ideas have been tested by so many costume designers that everyone’s heart sinks when someone shows up to enjoy an evening with friends and family like Abba, Starsky, and Hutch or some brilliant 70’s disco idiot.

The problem with these 70s costumes is that they have been worn by so many, that it seems the costume designer didn’t care. If you want to look like someone who didn’t bother to dress up at a 70’s recreation party, then a performance like Abba, Starsky, and Hutch or the casual 70’s disco jerk is a surefire way to hit the spot.

Abba, even if you decide to come dressed as one of the four, alone, must be an example of the most unoriginal 70’s costume idea there is. Thanks to the Broadway and West End musicals, and thanks to Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep in the Hollywood film version, there was so much publicity about the European Four in the 1970s that anyone who came dressed as Abba today would really scratch the bottom of the barrel.

The second most unoriginal costume idea of the 1970s is probably this random character who happens to be wearing a medallion, an ugly catsuit, and a huge Afro wig. The person who shows up at a costume party in a suit like this really lacks creativity. This costume idea isn’t even a real person from the ’70s. It’s a 70s themed costume that only manages to recall a very specific part of 70s society and the aspect of nightlife. Avoid this costume idea at all costs if you want to impress.

After all, it’s just an example of someone who, thanks to the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson remake that came out of Hollywood a few years ago, was sadly attracted by the resurgence of the popular 70s TV drama when he appeared in a 70s costume as Starsky or Hutch.

The movie was pretty good, but the Starsky and Hutch look was never flattering, nor was it a particularly cool look. Stay away from this costume idea if you want to appear in style at the 70’s party of the century.

Instead of resorting to the simple and boring Abba, Starsky and Hutch and not dancing in the disco, you should be a little more creative with the 70’s costume ideas.

Try the following ideas, which are less common and much funkier:

Alice Cooper – you could have a lot of fun with this costume makeup
Bruce Springsteen – in his time a real stud when it comes to winning gold with the ladies at the party
Jimi Hendrix – hair, hair and more hair
Jane Fonda – one of the best ways to look sexy at a 70’s costume party
Cher – had some great outfits in the ’70s that you could have a lot of fun with
Jackie Kennedy – becoming a politician with the First Lady of the United States

The above ideas are not exhaustive, but they are much more interesting and creative than those of a normal fair with style, long hair, and shine. The 1970s have much more to offer, and there are many costume shops and 1970s agencies that could also confirm this.


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