i let my parents pick my outfits for a week

Different Accessories for Girls

Looking good is one of the main concerns of children and young people. As a young person, you simply have to enjoy exploring and trying new things. Creating your own look and changing things is exciting. Don’t be too aware of this. Just trust your own skin and radiate your happiness to the people around you. Stand out from the crowd by trying these different accessories to spice up your clothes.


Most girls love the charming and beautiful bracelets around their wrists. Choosing a stylish bracelet can go with almost any outfit. Try to match your bracelet to the material, construction, or color of your outfit, but don’t try too hard. Bracelets go well with blue or black denim. Girls who want to get a bohemian look should opt for thick, colorful bracelets. For parties or other formal occasions, look for simple and delicate bracelets. Jewelry or accessories made of pearls or shells can also complement any type of clothing.


One fashion accessory that is always popular, regardless of age, is sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses not only gives you a certain elegant and stylish look but also protects your eyes from hostile environments. Oversized glasses are in fashion these days. Look for some unusual shades and hues to make them unique to everyone else who wears them. White frames, however, are the most fashionable. They are most often mentioned in the editorials of popular magazines.


A necklace also gives elegance to any kind of clothing. Girls with slim figures wear necklaces to create an illusion of weight. You can adorn a classic white top with a nice necklace. Long necklaces look great with simple dresses. Wear chokers or tight V-neck necklaces over your shoulder. Long necklaces paired with long skirts complement each other. Long pearl necklaces and elegant necklaces can add a little spice to an already beautiful outfit.


Girls love to wear different kinds of hats. When choosing the type of hat, think about the occasion and the season. Some choose the big, crazy hats for special occasions to present the hats. For normal gatherings or if you just want to fight the sunlight, choose faded hats to match your outfit.

Bags and belts

Bags and belts are normal needs for people, but for girls, they are more than that. For this reason, different types of bags and belts are used as fashion accessories. A stylish bag can help you carry the things you need and can make you look more sophisticated. A big, funky belt looks good with a tunic. For a special occasion like your birthday, a shiny belt can make you stand out.

In this video I let my parents pick my outfit for an entire week for school (on a school week) … to be honest, they didn’t do so bad, but some of the outfits they chose I would not wear. Also, my brother did pick my outfit on Friday so sorry if that’s breaking the challenge.

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