How to Wear Cute Outfits with Timberland Boots for Girls

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for a Pirates’ Party

With the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean, children often choose pirate costumes when they go to parties and events where they have to dress up. Children love hats, swords, hairstyles, and clothes that are so different from their everyday clothes. Aside from that, when it comes to quoting the best costumes, a pirate’s team is usually on the run. So if your little one wants to look like Jack Sparrow, Will Turner or Elizabeth Swann, here are some suggestions to help you design a costume for your child.

For your little one, you can wear an oversized shirt and black pants. It would be better if the shirt is quite old and faded. It should also be loose so he can put it in his pants. If you have a limited budget, you don’t need to buy costumes for it. You can improvise with what he has in his closet or in yours. But you can also find nice costumes in discount stores. The idea is to have a flowing shirt look that is characteristic of a pirate suit. If the sleeves are long enough, you can simply roll them up. Don’t forget the boots, where you should put the hem of your pants.

Your little girl can wear a long skirt in the middle of her knee or in the middle of her calf. A blouse with puff sleeves would be great. Boots or a pair of ankle-length shoes would complete the outfit for her.

Accessories for costume ideas like these are very important. In fact, the accessories will be the ones that make your child look like they just came out of a pirate movie. An eye patch and earrings are important accessories for a child pirate costume. For girls, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces will look great.

For the eye patch, you can use black felt cloth. Cut a patch in the cloth just big enough to cover one of your boy’s eyes. Sew a piece of black thread on both sides of the eye patch and make each one long enough to tie around the back of the head. You can find cheap clips in costume shops or in the women’s accessories section of department stores. Remember to get a pirate hat or a red scarf that can be used as a headband for boys or wrapped around the head for girls.

Costumes for children are always a pleasure. If your children want to come as their favorite Pirates of the Caribbean characters, the suggestions we offer are a good way to start designing their costumes. You can buy the things you need in the shops or design some of them yourself. How to Wear Cute Outfits with Timberland Boots for Girls

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