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School Trip Hoodies & Clothing

It is the time of year where you may have already started thinking about school excursions. There is often a lot to consider; additional staff, insurance, transport, the list goes on. Let us take one worry out of your hands by helping you organise your school trip hoodies and clothing. We have a wide variety of hoodies, zip-hoodies and t-shirts available in many colours and designs – perfectly tailored to your school’s trip.

We offer free print and embroidery set up on each and every one of our garments – so you can customise the design to suit your school’s ethos and tone without paying a penny extra! Adding a personalised print really puts a unique spin on your garments making them feel like a special memory to treasure. We ensure that all of our garments are available at affordable prices without compromising quality, a factor very important to us and we know that parents are much more preferable to higher quality lasting garments over wear-once fashion. We also have an exclusive, high-quality brand of hoodies from HUBACO, where we hand pick garments to give you only the very best. have a dedicated team that work hard to meet your requirements in perfect time, and ensure each and every garment is produced perfectly for your school. With prices starting from just £10.95 for school colour hoodies, and £5.50 for t-shirts we have packages perfectly suited for every group and budget. We have a very simple ordering process, so you can quickly and easily get in contact with our account managers and they will get you on the right road for designing and setting up your trips hoodies.


Need a little inspiration?

We have a few trips and clubs sample prints in which you can use, or tailor specifically to fit your school and its excursions.


Hoodies especially can be a fantastic memento for each school trip, as your pupils can cherish their memories in the years to come with an ideal everyday piece of clothing. Students can feel like they are being transported back to the trip every time they slip the hoodie over their head – which can bring back memories of their special trips along with the social media posts and photos they make. Not only are they a wonderful memory of the trip for everyone involved, think about the extra peace of mind your staff will have when your students are in bright hoodies, which makes them easily identifiable in crowded streets and cities.

Our hoodies are machine washable and hard-wearing, so can be worn time and time again without the garment colour or the memory of the trip fading.


Features & Benefits: Points to take away and think about

  • Machine washable
  • Hard wearing, can be worn time and time again
  • Easy for the group to be noticed when they’re out in busy public places wearing the same bright hoodie
  • Lasting memento for the trip
  • Personalised print for each kind of trip- available with printing on the front and back of the jumper
  • Free embroidery, print set up and delivery


Are you looking to take your school excursions up a notch?


We work closely with Terra Nova Expedition Services Ltd. who offer bespoke and tailor-made adventures for schools and adults. Terra Nova Expedition Services guide you through the whole process from fundraising to travelling. Each and every one of our trips are planned personally by our team, and the expeditions are designed to make a difference to both the young people that travel; to the wilderness areas they venture to, and to the communities they interact with.

Each of our leaders are fully qualified with decades of experience between them, and all specialists in their field so you will experience nothing but the best when choosing Terra Nova Expedition Services Ltd. We plan trips all across the globe from trekking through the jungle to visiting remote mountain villages, so have the ideal trips for every school and group.





Models display school-shooting-themed sweatshirts designed by streeetwear brand Bstroy.  (via Bstroy/Instagram) (Bstroy/Instagram)
Models display school-shooting-themed sweatshirts designed by streeetwear brand Bstroy. 

At a fashion show in New York this weekend, a tall model walked down a narrow runway flanked by streetwear devotees. He wore white-and-gold sneakers, khaki pants and a dark gray sweatshirt with the hood up. Across his chest, the word “Columbine” jumped out in embroidered white letters surrounded by ripped holes.

He wasn’t alone. Three other models soon strutted the checkered floor, each wearing a hoodie tattered with bulletlike holes and embroidered with the names of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history.

The co-founder of the fashion label later explained he wanted to “make a comment on gun violence … while also empowering the survivors of tragedy.” But instead, the show left victims and their families demanding the company shelve the line and apologize.

“This is just absolutely horrific,” the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, managed by the family of a teacher who died in the Sandy Hook shooting, tweeted Monday. “A company is mak[ing] light of our pain and other’s pain for fashion.”

The sweatshirts, designed by streetwear brand Bstroy, reference shootings at Columbine High School, where 13 people were killed in 1999; Virginia Tech, where 32 people were killed in 2007; Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 26 people were killed in 2012; and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed in 2018.

The shirts first drew widespread attention on Sunday, after the brand’s co-founder, Brick Owens, posted photos of the clothes on Instagram. By Tuesday afternoon, the posts had been inundated with criticism from gun violence survivors and victims’ families.

“Under what scenario could somebody think this was a good idea?” tweeted Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter died in the Stoneman Douglas shooting. “This has me so upset.”

Fashion Brand Faces Backlash for School Shooting Hoodies

Imagine thinking this would end well.

The aunt of another student who died in the Parkland, Fla., shooting told the company, “You should be ashamed of taking advantage of her death to make” money.

View image on Twitter

Bstroy’s co-founders, Owens and Dieter Grams, met on Myspace when both were teenagers and started their label in Atlanta in 2012. They gravitated toward designs that run dark. The brand once staged a fashion show in a funeral home, saying its clothes were designed for a post-apocalyptic world. They make Nikes dipped in concrete, jackets with two hoods and a pair of $1,000 “double-edge” jeans that look like two pairs of pants sewn together at the waists and ankles.

The company once ran a tagline on its site reading, “Bstroy is protected by pointed violence, psychological warfare and Art. All opposition should be organized at the risk of those endangered,” according to the Internet Archive. The brand has sold T-shirts prominently featuring firearms, including preppy crew necks with fencing teams and archers armed with assault rifles instead of foils and bows.

“We are making violent statements,” Grams, who publicly goes by Du, told the New York Times in a feature last week. “That’s for you to know who we are, so we can have a voice in the market. But eventually that voice will say things that everyone can wear.”

Bstroy isn’t the first clothing company to catch heat for potentially profiting from school shootings. In 2014, Urban Outfitters was pilloried online for selling a faded Kent State University sweatshirt that appeared to be splattered with blood. Many observers thought the sweatshirt referenced the Ohio National Guard shooting and killing four students and injuring nine others there during a campus protest in 1970.

Bstroy did not immediately respond to a message late Tuesday, but on Instagram, the company suggested the clothing line, called Samsara, was meant to be ironic.

“Sometimes life can be painfully ironic,” reads a card that features an artist’s statement on the show. “Like the irony of dying violently in a place you considered to be a safe, controlled environment, like school. We are reminded all the time of life’s fragility, shortness, and unpredictability, yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential.”

“We wanted to make a comment on gun violence and the type of gun violence that needs preventative attention and what its origins are, while also empowering the survivors of tragedy through storytelling in the clothes,” the designer wrote.

He also suggested that the harsh response to the sweatshirts was rooted in prejudice, because both he and Grams are black men in their late 20s.

“Also built into the device is the fact that our image as young, black males has not been traditionally awarded credit for introducing avant-garde ideas,” Owens wrote. “So many people have assumed our message to be lazy just because of what they’ve been taught about black men. These hoodies were made with all of these intentions in mind, and to explore all of these societal issues.”

Although the company’s early statements indicated that the sweatshirts were created as an art piece for the show and weren’t meant to be sold,

“The hoodies have only been shown not sold and the school shooting hoodies were initially intended to be just for the show and not to sell but that may change now,” the company told the Cut.

Critics suggested that making money off the line would be an insult to survivors.

“So offensive!!” tweeted Christine Pelosi, a Democratic National Committee official and the daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in response to Guttenberg’s post. “Revolted to see bstroy monetize your pain.”

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Cute Outfits for School: 20+ Best for an Easy and Fashionable Look

Sometimes your mind doesn’t work most mornings, especially at 6 AM, when you’re forced to get up and get ready for school. It may be your first day back to school, your last day before Summer break or you just had a rough night studying (or being on Twitter) the entire night, that you totally haven’t prepared your things for the next day. 

So if you don’t have any idea what you’ll wear to school, just bookmark this web page and find inspiration from our Cute Outfits for School: 20+ Best for an Easy and Fashionable look. We’ve put the easiest, cutest, most basics and the common items that can be found in your wardrobe so you won’t have a hard time mixing this and mixing that! Ready to get your day started, effortlessly? Check out the looks below!

Clothes to Wear to School

Cute and Easy Outfits for School

  • A light blue cropped top with navy grid skirt and classic leather ballet flats for a sweet and a bit of nerdy look.
  • You can also wear a pencil cut skirt with a black crop top and long cardigan with sneakers as an alternative. image

What can be any more cuter than an outfit that reminds you of cute uniforms like the olden days. Make sure that the skirt you’re wearing isn’t too short or your top isn’t too cropped that people will see your bellybutton.

Cute and Comfy Outfits for School


  • Maroon pants are always fun to wear. Partner it up with a plain v neck and your go to sweatshirt or light jacket for a cute and comfortable school outfit. image
  • You can also alternate to an all denim wear by wearing jean pants and a jean jacket. Finish your look with some canvas shoes. image

There’s nothing anymore comfortable than your favorite pair of pants and top. Just make sure it still follows school regulations when it comes to how low your shirt can be and how tight your pants can be.


Easy Fashionable Outfits for School


  • Another effortless yet super fashionable school outfit is this long sleeved dress with stripes and contrasting colors. Wear it with kitten heels to have a lady-like vibe.
  • Switch it up with a polka dotted pattern and wear an oversized sweater over for a more fashion forward taste. image

You can wear this outfit with or without leggings as the seasons change. It’s definitely an easy outfit to put together and is super fashionable.

Simple Outfits for School


  • Wear a jumper with white tee and canvas shoes if you’re totally in a hurry for school. It’s the ultimate simple and casual look.
  • If you have want a little bit more of a color, switch up your white tee with w plaid shirt and longer overalls. image

Finding the right overall is key to rocking this type of outfit. It’s simple yet very outgoing. Be careful not to look like a lumberjack though so people won’t think it’s dress up day to school!

What to Wear to School on Different Occasions:

What to Wear on the First day of School: Cute and Flawless Outfit Ideas for Back to School


  • Plaid shirt + black skinny jeans + black ankle boots = rocker vibe that’s totally suitable for the first day of school.
  • Play around with your outfit for more style like tying your plaid shirt on your waist. image
  • Go for a more simple, yet still a fashion statement outfit by opting to a white shirt, jeans, and boots. image

One thing to remember about the first day of school is that you want to be as safe as possible with your wardrobe while still inputting your own taste and personality to it. Get to know your peers first and observe before you decide to dress a certain way to fit into a certain clique. At the end of the day, it’s You being You that matters!

What to Wear to School on your birthday


  • A cute pink outfit is perfect for a princess’s birthday! Pair your plaid skirt with a plain white tank top and over it, just wear a cardigan that will match your skirt and shoes. it’s too pretty not to wear. The combination is stunning.
  • You can also be upfront and wear a shirt or top that states it’s your birthday! Pair it up with accessories and shoes that resembles a colorful cake. image

Your birthday shouldn’t be a reason to miss school, except, use it as an excuse to be extra. Dress up more and be more vivid because it’s your special day! image

What to Wear to School when you’re sick


  • Keep yourself warm and bum out with leggings, oversized tee and cardigan. Pair it up with think socks and canvas shoes. image
  • You can also keep warm by layering up like this outfit of black jeans, long sleeve and sweater over combination. You can dress it up and stay toasty with some moccasins and a cup of tea!This outfit is perfect if you have to look professional even though you’re sick.  image

Everyone has those days, but you still have to dress the part. Don’t let the allergies or the flu wear you down.Dress the part and even though you may be sick, you can be uplifted based on what you wear.  image

What to Wear to School when you’re on your period


  • A thick pair of leggings and a statement shirt is perfect for period days at school. It’s easy to wear and not too tight fitting so it’ll be easier if you need to go to the bathroom. image
  • Another option is to go for a dress, nut make sure to wear shorts underneath or tights just in case of emergency. Pair it up with a long or oversized cardigan for more security. image

Remember that you want to stay away from anything light of bright when you’re on your period. Stick to darker, thicker, and longer clothes. Always keep in mind that comfort comes first when you’re on your period, but still look cute for school. Afterall, you wan’t to hide the fact that mother nature visited while you’re in class. image

What to Wear to School in Different Seasons and Weather

Cute Outfits for School in Spring


  • Balance your look by wearing a long-sleeved top and floral shorts. Pastels and florals are absolutely lovely and is a very cute outfit for school in the spring.

What to Wear to School when it’s Raining?

  • Spring calls for rainy season. Switch up your florals to more neutrals on such wet days as to not ruin your clothing. Leggings and a minimized patterned top and rain boots are great combos for the rainy days in school. image

Cute Outfits for School in Summer


  • White is the most popular Summer color, and there’s nothing anymore classier than black and white outfits. You can pair white pants with a two-tone top and burgundy slip-ons to complete your school outfit for the Summer.

What to Wear to School when it’s Hot?

  • If your school allows, shorts and kimono tops are perfect for the Summer. Match this outfit with either sandals or oxford shoes. image
  • You can also wear ripped jeans and a plain v neck top. Any light colors are perfect for the Summer time because they’re cool in the eyes. Loose fit tops are also a great option for those who sweat a lot and don’t want their clothes to stick to them. image

Cute Outfits for School in Fall


  • Plaids and Maroons are some signs that Fall is coming when it comes to clothing. Dress up to school in a cute dress and long socks with ankle boots and a trench coat. image

What to Wear to School when it’s Windy?

  • Fall can also get chilly, so you want to make sure you’re covered enough. Opt for jeans, tee, hoodie, and closed toe canvas shoes combination to keep you warm during this windy season. image

Cute Outfits for School in Winter


  • Opt for a more sporty and cozy outfit for school in Winter by wearing a long sleeve, think jeans, winter vest and winter boots. Add a beanie to keep your body temperature warm for the whole school day. image

What to Wear to School when it’s Cold?

  • Layers is the key to Winter. Layer up your clothing for school by wearing a long sleeve button up shirt underneath a knitted sweater and a thick trench coat. Pair it up with thick leggings and winter boots. This outfit is perfect for a more dressy school outfit in Winter.  image

In Conclusion

Don’t let school drag you down. The long hours in the day and still more to do when you get at home can be super tiring but your outfit shouldn’t show that! Let your outfits be part of your reason to want to go to school more! Let us know your favorite Cute Outfits for School!