first week of school outfit ideas! (some inspo for ya)

Enhance Your School Girl Costume and Get Ready For Some Sexy Fun!

The schoolgirl costumes themselves are very sexy, extremely seductive, and very promising. If you want to seduce your husband or boyfriend, there is no better way to do it than with a schoolgirl costume that caresses half of the thighs, the waist, and the neckline.

You can spice up your schoolgirl costume and make a double bang. After all, you can never be too sexy in the bedroom. Plus, your partner will remember your aura that night, remember the moment of his life and be ready for extra pleasure the next time you decide to be a student or a teacher in the boudoir.

So how exactly can you improve the schoolgirl costumes that are already in fashion? Simply, actually, with the following suggestions:

Tie your hair in braids with two colored ribbons. Your husband will appreciate running his hands through your soft hair once he has released his tension.

Wear your clear lace bra under your suit. It will add an extra thrill to the foreplay by conquering another barrier for him – a very sensual one!

Decorate your clothes with girls’ textbooks, pens, and a small bag with your favorite toys hidden inside. Put your hands in the bag to appear with treats and surprise him.

Spray his favorite perfume all over your body. Remember to stimulate each of your senses to have a good time in the bedroom. This means his eyes should be attracted to your outfit and the hidden benefits underneath, his ears can be attracted to the sound of your candy, his lips will taste your sweet lips, his hands will enjoy your soft skin, and his nose will smell your feminine perfume. Well, this is Seduction 101!

Next time you think about schoolgirl costumes, think about how you can prostitute yourself. You’ll reap the rewards of a more memorable night, that’s a promise.

hello everyone !! here’s some outfit inspo for your first week of school (or any week lol). switch em up to fit your school’s dress code 🙂 let me know in the comments which one is the most your style! thank u for watching and I Luv u so much xx

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