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How to Create a Unique Outfit

It can be hard to stand out in a crowd, especially when everyone is buying exactly the same thing as you. It’s important to learn how to find unique pieces that complement your style.

1- Search in unique places. Thrift and bargain stores may not look like the best quality, but often it is precisely in these places where you can find designer items that are almost never used. You can buy vintage pants or an extravagant shirt for less than $10 and guarantee that no one else will have the same.

2- Buy online, but out of your comfort zone Always make sure the website you are buying from is reputable and read customer reviews. If you are satisfied, choose a site that offers brands you may never have heard of, or jewelry and accessories from another country. Often, you’ll find unique, handmade jewelry on sites run by someone in a completely different state than yours.

3- Look near garage sales if you think the merchandise is of good quality. Ask about the quality of the previous owner’s items, and see if there are hardly any used clothes you might want. Sometimes you can find things that no one else has.

4- Learn to sew. This can be the key to changing a typical and boring suit. If you have a dress and a fabric, you can cut a certain length and sew another fabric to the hem to give it a different flavor. Often dresses can be unique by sewing them back on and changing their shape.

5- Picking up things when you travel. This step is the key, because nobody will have it at home. Find local stores that the locals like and look for things that match the style of the area. When traveling abroad, stock up on nice things you can’t get at home. Don’t travel to the other side of the world and don’t buy from local shops that you can find in the area. Explore what is available in the area.

6- Buy classic pieces and mix them with newer and more unusual ones. This brings a unique quality that most people do not have. Many people buy what they find in the stores and don’t bother looking at what they already have. You can mix a timeless item with something you just bought to avoid looking too conventional.

7- Try to go to local bazaars and events. They often have small merchants who make their own bags or clothes and can even haggle. Most of the time there are not many people who end up buying the same thing, and you are sure to find good steel in a quality item.

The key to creating a unique style and getting noticed is not to be afraid to step out of a comfort zone. Too many people are happy to walk into the popular store and walk out with 10 T-shirts and tops that everyone else already has. It’s perfectly acceptable to buy ordinary items as long as they’re not part of your outfit. Even special earrings or a vintage coat can make an outfit different from others.


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