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Fashion Nova | Summer Looks – Cute Simple Outfits Try on Haul and Review

Fashion And Style: Wear Fashionable Yet Professional Looking Outfits

Fashion and style are two important things to always consider when wearing uniforms or any type of clothing. These uniforms don’t have to be boring and you don’t have to look like someone else. Nurses and orderlies often wear them to work. But not only do nurses wear them, but other medical professionals such as surgeons and pediatricians also wear them. There are many options for these professional suits, but try to be fashionable rather than simple and plain. Hospitals and clinics should set the right standards for the appearance of staff or employees. But they don’t have to commit to fashion and style. How can a nurse work easily if she is not even comfortable in her clothes? How will she entertain patients if she is less confident? The dressing can affect a person’s self-confidence and productivity. You will not be able to perform well if you feel you look bad.

Of course, you can think about the patients you deal with most often when they give you suits or uniforms. Often, they will wear different uniforms. Depending on the hospital or clinic you work at, you may have 3 or 4 choices. At other hospitals, you will have the option of choosing your own uniform or even your own design. But you should not forget that you will be working with people who have health problems. You won’t be able to move properly if you only care about what you wear. Ask first before you make a decision. Avoid getting uniforms that don’t fit the nature of your job.

To always be fashionable and stylish, try embroidered and waisted T-shirts. These may look fashionable, but you’ll still look like a professional. If you can’t find one, do it yourself. Tight clothes don’t look like ordinary uniforms because of the embroidery. They look modern and beautiful. You can even wear them when you want to relax a bit after work at the mall. Make sure you choose attractive designs and colors. Wear the best suits at work and follow the dress code.

Both fashion and style are important but don’t forget comfort. Yes, you may not look like you’re wearing a hospital uniform, but you’re really uncomfortable. Therefore, you are not working effectively and efficiently. If you always want style, get a tunic top. It looks like casual clothes, so it fits better with the other clothes you usually buy. On the other hand, the pointy neck style is also nice. The designs are not hard to get, so you can choose something simple or something sophisticated. With the pointed neck style you can bring your fashion sense to your work.

This video is a wee-bit different than my other videos, definitely let me know if you think you’d like to see some of these styling videos or picks from my current closet.

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Currently in the middle of Season 7 of Supernatural (this is my third time rewatching the entire series to-date), thought I’d give my fellow fans an update.

Cup Size: 34DD
Chest: 32 1/2 in.
Waist: 30 in.
Hip: 39 in.
Height: 5’4″ (five-feet four-inches)

Store: Fashion Nova

➡️OUTFIT 1⬅️
Top: Enough of You Bodysuit – Yellow
Size: Large

Bottoms: High-Frequency Bermuda Shorts – Black
Size: 13

➡️OUTFIT 2⬅️
Top: Hailey Ribbed Bodysuit – Mango
Size: Large

Bottom: Got Your Man Distressed Bermuda Shorts – Medium Blue Wash
Size: Large

➡️OUTFIT 3⬅️
Top: Hailey Ribbed Bodysuit – Rose
Size: Large

Bottom: Boss Babe Tie Waist Shorts – Mauve
Size: Large

Shoes: Just Drop It Booties – Nude
Size: 8

➡️OUTFIT 4⬅️
Top: Not Over You Bodysuit – Mauve
Size: Large

Bottom: Make You Wonder Tie Waist Shorts – Black
Size: Large

Shoes: Just Drop It Booties – Nude
Size: 8

➡️OUTFIT 5⬅️
Dress: Left on Vacation Surplice Dress – Blue
Size: Large

Shoes: Just Drop It Booties – Nude
Size: 8

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