Elegantes Outfits- 75+ Image Ideas

Elegant, casual, formal, sport …?

Elegant, casual, formal, sport ...?

Know the dress codes for every occasion.

Having a clear idea of ​​what you should use on each occasion can be annoying. Thinking about this, we have decided to prepare a guide on the main dress codes so that the next time you have to choose, you know perfectly what to use.


It is used on occasions that require very little formality. Perfect for a meal with friends or a meeting at home. It is advisable to use a pair of jeans and combine them with a shirt or shirt, adding a leather jacket as a final touch.

Elegant, casual, formal, sport ...?


It is usually used in meals and work events. The key elements to build the look are a raincoat or blazer, dress pants, shirt with collar and moccasins.

Elegant, casual, formal, sport ...?


In this style it is essential to avoid confusing it with the clothes you wear in the gym. Instead of pants, wear denim or baggy pants and add a cotton, tennis and sports sweatshirt.


In the field of casual dress this outfit is the most formal in the casual. To achieve this type of sets you should prefer blue, black and brown. It is essential to wear a shirt and a jacket or blazer on top. NO tie is used!


The best way to use this mode is with a stiff collar shirt, lace shoes, jacket and suit pants. The tie is optional.


This look is similar to semi-formal but with an extra touch of style. To achieve this, you will have to pay attention to details such as the handles of the shirts and opt for the slim fit suits, shoes with a more classic touch are accepted.


If you are going to a wedding, a homage dinner or an event that requires a degree of formality, it is recommended that you select a suit in dark or neutral tones and that it be completely smooth. Use a pair of cufflinks to give an extra touch of elegance and always wear a tie.


The degree of formality is paramount. The outfits are made up of tuxedos with accessories such as a vest and even patent leather shoes. Black and white are the protagonists of the style.

With these simple tips from now on you will look spectacular, share which of these is your favorite style