dressing *cute* to school for a week

Women’s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Carnival parties are an increasingly popular type of party, and finding your perfect costume has never been easier, as several carnival shops appear on the Internet for you to choose from. Now there is such a wide selection available at the click of a mouse, and if your party has a theme, you can easily search for costumes based on that theme.

However, for a more general costume party, you may need a little help with costume ideas. Once you’ve decided, it’s easy to find a costume and all the accessories needed to complete the look, such as wigs, shoes, face paint, or masks. Costumes are usually grouped by age and gender, so it’s easy to find costumes for women.

The characters in the story make a good choice, and there are some wonderful ladies from the past to choose from. If you have always wanted to be the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, now is your chance, or maybe you have always imagined yourself as Marie Antoinette with a huge wig and a decorated dress? maybe Maid Marion is more your style? Or if you don’t want to be a certain figure, choose a period, there are many flapper girl outfits from the ’20s, or maybe you fit better in the ’50s, with a full skirt and Bobby Sox?

Legends and fairy tales are a good starting point to find a suitable outfit. There are costumes available for all kinds of fairies, angels, and witches, or maybe you want to be a superhero for the night like Catwoman or Wonder Woman? Your favorite childhood fairytale character might be a good choice and you could fulfill a long-cherished wish to be Cinderella, Tinker Bell, or Little Red Riding Hood – just for one night!

Characters from movies, TV, and cartoons are another good starting point if you need ideas for your costume. With literally thousands of characters in the genre, you should have no problem choosing a leading lady you’ve always admired and found a suitable costume. How would you like to be the elegant Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast with Tiffany”? Or maybe you look more like Wilma Flintstone or even Daphne from Scooby-Doo.

If you really want to try on someone else’s uniform, a costume party is a perfect opportunity for you to take over someone else’s work at night. It’s easy to buy police or even nun clothes online, not to mention school uniforms, army uniforms, and hostesses.

Since it’s all about being someone else for the night, you can choose to be your favorite rock or pop star. Get a blonde wig and be a rocker blonde or try out Amy Winehouse’s famous beehive. And if you want to be the Queen of Pop, it’s easy to get Madonna’s iconic conical bra as a base for your costume. Have fun with it!

dressing *cute* to school for a week! this was so fun for me to do because I got out of my comfort zone and wear cute outfits for school & now I really like picking out outfits for high school! which look was your favorite?

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