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DIY Mannequin Christmas tree dress

Happy Holidays Dolls let me just say this is my very first time decorating any tree. I had so much fun doing it and it made my heart feel warm and cozy ☺️. I’m slowly trying to get into “Vlogging with a purpose” so tell me what y’all think. Below are a list of all items that I used to create this beautiful dress.

Items I used

Old dress or Material
11 Garlands (cut in 6”-7” pcs)
200 lights
1 Roll of ribbon
1 big bow
3 packs of small star ornaments
Hot glue gun

The hair I’m wearing is Jacqi Dollhouse Brazilian Loose wave on a custom side shave unit. I’m growing my sides back and it’s at the ugly stage lol oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️

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