DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Need a quick, cheap costume for the kids this Halloween? We’ve got you covered! We have three ideas, perfect for 2019. All of them can be made at home, with less than an hour’s worth of work.

00:37 – A bag of sweets
02:50 – Toothless the dragon
05:40 – A raincloud

Here’s how you make each one:

Giant Bag of sweets:
– A large clear plastic bin bag (parental supervision required)
– Balloons
– Metallic paper such as gift wrap
– A ‘sweets’ logo you can make or print out at home and stick to some cardboard.
– Scissors, sellotape & glue stick
– Colourful accessories such as striped socks and ribbons
– You also need an outfit to wear underneath. We’ve gone with plain black trousers and a black jumper.

Toothless the Dragon
– 1 x black hoodie
– 1 x pair of black trousers
– 1 x black costume tail or sock & stuffing
– 4 x 30cm by 30cm square of black felt
– 1 x small scrap of yellow felt
– 1 x small scrap of white felt
– 1 x small scrap of red felt
– 1x small scrap of cardboard
– Scissors
– Hot glue, fabric glue or needle & thread
– Templates, printed onto A4 paper & cut out.
– Pins, for keeping your templates in place

A Raincloud
– Light coloured or clear umbrella
– 1 meter sheet of wadding
– A bag of cushion stuffing
– Glue gun & hot glue sticks (and needle & white thread if you want the clouds to be extra secure)
– 8 x Battery operated string lights (6 around the edge of the umbrella, 2 stuck around the inside)
– 6 raindrop shaped beads for the ends of the string lights
– Sellotape to secure the 2 string lights around the inside of the umbrella
– A coat and wellies, to complete the look.

The templates can be downloaded here (coming soon!):

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