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Cute School Friendly Outfits (+giveaway)| Ysa Garcia :)

Hey guys! I am doing a giveaway on Dote right now! It closes in 24 hours so make sure to go enter! It is for 4 Brandy melville shirts that are school friendly and cute! My dote is linked down below and if you don’t know what dote is, it is a super cool online app where you can shop/ create fun wishlists and enter giveaways!

giveaway link:

instagram: @ysagarciaa
snapchat: @ysa17
twitter: @ysaagarciaa
dote: @ysagarciaa use code “MAFT” for $5 off!
my spotify playlist 🙂 :


comment “OoOo” if you made it this far:)

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