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i wore trendy instagram outfits to school (for a week)

Pink Shoes Outfits

If you’re a girl who likes pink shoes like me, you probably always try to make the perfect pink shoe suit. What kind of clothes are those? It’s the perfect combination of items you can wear with your pink shoes. For me, I’ve gathered five of those suits I wanted to share with you. Each of these costumes will allow you to wear your pink shoes and dramatically show off your pink shoes.

The first outfit is to combine them with tight jeans and a nice top. The tight jeans end at the top of the ankle and are perfect for showing off your shoes. You should especially choose either very dark jeans or a pair of white jeans. Both colors help bring out the pink in your shoes. Don’t get too colorful or dramatic at the top. Choose a neutral color.

The second suit is for girls who love their pink polka-dot shoes. This may be weird, but I think women who love these shoes also like to wear them very chic. First, the polka dots are so dramatic that you can’t put anything too flashy on them. They want something modest. They also don’t want the dots to clashing. Choose a black and white suit in the same color as the dots. If you do that, everything will match, but the shoes will look good.

The next outfit goes well with a pair of pink kitten heels. The little heels look great with a flowing skirt and a tank top. Choose a skirt with a wide butt, where you can spin around like a ballerina. Then add your kitten’s heels underneath for the best effect. You can choose any skirt in a neutral color, but I like white or light brown skirt better. Choose a black or white t-shirt at the top and then add the pink heels at the bottom.

The next set is a simple plain colored dress. Have you ever seen these women in a simple dress? Add a pink belt in the middle and then put on your pink shoes and you have a complete outfit. Choose silver or white belt for your purse instead of wearing the same color as your shoes. This dress is simple and comfortable and easy to wear.

this past week I wore 5 different trendy styles (one each day) to school! I vlogged what happened at school & got people’s reactions hehe

i think these outfits are all pretty trendy so it was definitely out of my comfort zone. anyways, enjoy it!

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