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What to Wear to School Non-Uniform Day

It’s a non-uniform day at school, and you have the freedom to wear just about anything you want. So is that a good thing … or a bad thing? You have to admit that uniforms take a lot of the stress out of dressing for school. Just slap on your uniform, add a couple of accessories, do your hair and makeup, and you’re ready to go! But having to wear a uniform can also limit the personal expression you enjoy when you can dress the way you feel from head to toe. A school non-uniform day can be a bit intimidating, but with a little planning you can use it to showcase your true personality and have fun while doing it.Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the morning of to decide what you’re going to wear. You’ll need some time to put together a look that looks “put together.”

Decide what sort of clothes personality you are. If you’re a girly girl, you will want to get out the skirts, dresses, cute shirts, cute shorts, and whatever is feminine and frilly. The more pink, the better. If you tend to lean more toward punk or goth styles, go with dark, somber colors and metallic accessories. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, which is fine too. Have fun combining different styles to create your own unique look.

Start at the bottom. Decide what you’d like to wear on the bottom of your outfit, whether it’s jeans or a skirt. If you’re going to wear a dress, this won’t be an issue. School clothing should be somewhat casual, so save the sparkly, strappy outfits for your next party. Baggy pants aren’t in for girls, but your bottoms should not be so tight that skin is oozing out the top either. Skinny jeans are very hip right now, as long as they fit right. Wear clothing that is comfortable, since you will be walking and sitting in it all day.

Add the right shirt. Choose a shirt that complements your bottom piece. If you’re wearing jeans or a jean skirt, you can choose just about any top and it will look great. Be sure the colors coordinate. Don’t wear shirts that are too revealing. If your shirt is low-cut or a little short, layer it with a tank or cami underneath to solve the problem.

Pick a pair of cool shoes. If you’re wearing jeans, a pair of sneakers or sandals will work well. Skirts and dresses look better with sandals, ballet flats or low heels. Steer away from shoes with high heels unless you don’t do much walking at school and you don’t have gym class.

Add subtle accessories. Dangly earrings in interesting shapes and colors are a lot of fun, or go with some strings of pretty beads and a bracelet. If allowed, try a cute hat that matches the rest of the colors in your outfit. Don’t overdo the accessories though or you’ll look like a Christmas tree.

Match your hair to your outfit. Plan a hairstyle that goes with your clothes, depending on whether you’re looking sophisticated or more casual.





The great uniform debate

Bangkok Christian College started its 'casual Tuesdays' scheme last week. Photo: Somchai Poomlard

Bangkok Christian College started its ‘casual Tuesdays’ scheme last week. Photo: Somchai Poomlard

Last week’s images of Mathayom students at Bangkok Christian College wearing casual outfits to school following the launch of its new “casual Tuesdays” scheme have sparked debate throughout the country. While some argue that school uniforms are essential, as they represent the institution and promote discipline, others say they are unnecessary and that there is no link between uniforms and order.

According to school director Supakit Jitklongsap, casual Tuesdays is a pilot programme that is being trialed for six weeks. The idea is to encourage a sense of expression and improved social skills among students.

However, only a day after news of the pilot project made headlines, Private Education Commission (Opec) sent a letter to the school, asking them to review their action. Secretary-General Chalam Attham later clarified that Opec was not asking the school to cancel the scheme, but wanted to know more about it, due to concerns over its potential impact. Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin has also said he has no plans to put an end to the scheme. The school director responded by saying that the issue was a matter for discussion among students, parents and teachers.

Supporters of the scheme agree that students have a right to express themselves. Opponents believe that uniforms foster a sense of equality among students, and have raised concerns that those who cannot afford fashionable clothing could be made to feel inferior. Some also worry that wearing casual clothes could potentially distract students from study.

To find out what the kids themselves think of it all, Life asked 10 students from different provinces and social backgrounds about what they felt were the pros and cons of a no-uniform day and whether or not they would like their schools to follow suit.

  • The great uniform debate
  • University staffer arrested for embezzling students’ tuition fees
  • Opec takes control of Bangkok Christian College’s management

Chonphob Chalermchuang, 17 Mathayom 5 Bangkok Christian College, Bangkok

The no-uniform scheme is great. I agree with it. However, the school has set up some rules. We have to wear appropriate dress. We are not allowed to wear ripped clothes, sandals or shorts that are too short. Brand name clothes shouldn’t be restricted. It’s our right to wear whatever we want. I don’t think anyone will feel unequal. We’re friends. And we’re used to dressing casually at summer school. There’s no difference.

Thanyarat Chathaisong, 16 Mathayom 4 Boonwattana School, Nakhon Ratchasima

Academic performance and equality have nothing to do with clothes. What you wear is a personal choice. I’m in favour of a casual clothes day. I’m tired of ironing my uniform! But the clothing should be appropriate. Students have to be in class for seven to eight hours a day. If we have one day to feel relaxed and be ourselves, it’s a good thing.

Anupong Tultemwong, 15 Mathayom 3 Municipal School 5, Lampang

There are downsides. If students skip class, it’s hard to identify whether they are students or not. And some students will focus on what they should wear that day instead of focusing on study. But I like the idea because going casual is comfortable.

Sasirin Saengchart, 17 Mathayom 5 Debsirin Nonthaburi School, Nonthaburi

The project is a great start. It offers more alternatives to students and allows them to be themselves. But teenagers are very attached to their friends and many will want to have what their friends have, even if they can’t afford it. Wearing causal outfits won’t affect academic performance. That’s up to the students. If my school adopts this kind of project, I think there should be rules that don’t allow revealing outfits. I actually prefer to wear a uniform to school because I don’t have to figure out what to wear in the morning.

Nannapas Nairua, 14 Mathayom 2 Mater Dei School, Bangkok

The plus side is that students don’t have to buy a school uniform. We can wear clothes that we already have. But students may compare clothes, especially girls. The project might affect student performance for the first couple of weeks because it’s a new experience, but after that everyone will get used to it. I don’t mind wearing a uniform, but if my school introduces the scheme, I’ll wear a T-shirt with the school logo and long pants. Sleeveless dresses should not be allowed. Pants and skirts should be knee-length.

Natthaphon Nansunee, 16 Mathayom 5 Sankamphaeng Wittayakom School, Chiang Mai

The project helps students to figure out their personal style. But we shouldn’t be allowed to wear skintight outfits or anything very short. Casual clothes have no effect on study. It’s all about study habits. Students already wear informal clothes to cram schools at the weekend. This is similar.

Khwanna Thunsri, 13 Mathayom 2 Chiang Rai Municipality School 6, Chiang Rai

Wearing casual clothes to school helps students to feel relaxed, but I don’t want to do it. My teacher said that, in order to show people we are students, we must wear uniforms to school, and I agree with her. Wearing casual attire can distract us from study. When there’s a school event, my friends can’t focus on their studies because they just want to show off how beautiful their dresses are.

Vanith Sowattanasakul, 15 Mathayom 2 Thai Christian School, Bangkok

Wearing comfortable clothes helps us feel relaxed and we can understand the lessons better. I’d prefer to wear casual clothes once a week because I don’t have time to wash my clothes. I don’t think wearing informal clothing will make students feel unequal because we do the same thing. We should be able to wear whatever we like as long as the clothes are respectable. Tops shouldn’t be sleeveless, and skirts and shorts should be knee-length.

Nitiporn Thongmai, 17 Mathayom 6 Krabyai Vongkusolkit Phitthayakhom School, Ratchaburi

I agree with the no-uniform scheme. I want to dress casually too. Dressing in our own style won’t interfere with study because it’s all about determination. But even though I’d like to wear informal clothes to school, I don’t feel ashamed of my uniform. I don’t mind if my school doesn’t have this project.

Ornwasa Aggapich, 14 Mathayom 2 Streesmutprakan School, Samut Prakan

I would love to have a casual clothes day at school because I have to wear a scarf as part of my uniform — it’s hot! What you wear has nothing to do with academic performance. It depends on the teachers. If the teachers are good, we enjoy studying. I don’t think students will compare their clothes. I focus on what I want to wear, not on what others wear. But we shouldn’t wear tank tops or shorts to school.


While some believe school uniforms promote discipline, others argue there is no link between uniforms and order. Photo: Apichit Jinakul





How To Dress For School If There Is No Uniform

Dressing your child for school when there is no school uniform is a bit of a headache for some parents.
Dressing your child for school when there is no uniform can be a bit of a headache for some parents. In theory, it sounds great because you’ll get the most out of their brimming wardrobe and you won’t always have that pressure to have the uniform clean by a Monday.
Not to mention the mid-week yoghurt spillage that sends you into laundry-panic when it has to be ready for the next day. But in reality, it is not as idyllic as it seems. Many children are very particular about what they wear and having a choice in the matter can make it a daily stress for parents.
With a rise in Educate Together schools popping up everywhere you might be a parent (like me) with a child starting big school there in September. There is a good chance that the school does not have a uniform and it’s no harm to have a bit of a game plan as to what you will be dressing your child in.
Even if a school has no uniform they might still have a dress code so it is important to check the school’s website, terms and conditions or consult the school secretary if you have any questions in this department.
We looked at a couple of different non-uniform schools and found a few of these dress-code suggestions mentioned across many of them.
1. Clothes should be school appropriate. No crop tops or off the shoulder tops.
2. No Slogan clothing which could cause offence to other members of the school.
3. Appropriate sportswear should be worm on scheduled PE days.
4. Due to health and safety reasons jewellery, make-up and flip flops are not permitted
5. Clothing should allow for normal comfortable childhood play in the playground so should be properly fitting clothes and footwear that does not contain a heel or wedge.
Upon reading those guidelines it seems like non-uniform is certainly not the easiest option but there are definitely some benefits. First of all – your children might be comfortable wearing a colour or material of their choice. As a parent, you might know that this kind of thing will help them feel more content. It also means that your child has an opportunity to express their individuality which is an important factor for many parents.
Tracksuit bottoms are always a good option as they are appropriate for comfortable classroom work, yard play and extracurricular activities if they do them straight after school. It also means you don’t have to dress them any differently on PE days. I personally plan to pick up a selection of neutral coloured tracksuit bottoms over the summer with the intention of them “going with” the t-shirts and hoodies we already have here.
Footwear is also going to be particularly important. I think most kids are comfortable in some kind of trainers and I think these are worth spending the money on. A good quality trainer will stand the test of time and serve your child well both indoors and outdoors. A good water-proof option for Winter is a good idea too.
If your child likes to wear dresses or skirts it is a good idea to team them with long leggings so that the dress is appropriate for school and does not hinder their participation or comfort during school activities.
And finally – let’s talk about using the toilet. I know my son has more trouble using the toilet when he’s wearing jeans and manages a lot better when he is wearing tracksuit bottoms. This is a practical thing to consider, especially for junior infants who may still be getting the hang of using the toilet on their own.





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