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Add Color to Your Usual Plain Outfit

If you want to make a more interesting suit, there’s no better way to do it with one or two accessories. It’s important to make sure the accessories match your suit unless of course, you want the accessory to shine and be seen from the sideline. It’s easy to wear neutral colors so you don’t make fashion mistakes, but after a while it gets boring. So here are some ways to add a touch of color to your boring and dull outfit.

Play with colors in a small way

Maybe the reason you have a problem with fashion is that you take it too seriously. There really is no such thing as an accurate and complete fashion guide, and most of the time we learn through experience. We recognize what looks good and what doesn’t, experimenting with new styles, new colors, and new textures. Think of this next project as fun and a great opportunity for you to discover more styles that suit you.

A few little gems will give your team the boost they need and a little interest. Think about the effect you want to achieve. If you want it big and flashy, consider pearl necklaces or huge bracelets. Just remember to minimize everything else by wearing a different kind of jewelry. So if you wear thick pearl necklaces, try wearing a simple rubber watch in black or neutral colors. You can also use a pin or a brooch to give your clothes an instant shine.

Also, think about the time of day and the event you are going to. Large, thick pearl necklaces can be good for an evening with friends, but it’s inappropriate to wear them to your friend’s children’s party. Just think about the effect of the accessory you are wearing and trust your common sense as always when choosing.

Belts are also in these days and make it very easy to go from simple to glamorous in a minute. Wear big, thick belts around your waist to hold them in place and give you a better figure. You can also wear thin belts with your jeans to add some color and fun to your regular clothes. If you’re not sure about the colors, it’s best to introduce them in small steps, and wearing colored belts is one of the best things you can do.

If you want to play more with colors, try wearing fun and colorful pair of socks instead of the usual black or white ones. Just make sure it’s appropriate because you don’t want to get caught in an office meeting wearing Elmo socks, right?

After all, experimenting with your hair is, after all, your greatest achievement. Divert from your usual ponytail and add some nice hair clips with a little color or add a button clip in front of your ponytail to give it a more up to date look. Always ask yourself if there are still ways to improve an outfit.

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So here’s another one – some more cute and casual fits! I did take inspiration from the lovely Allegra Shaw. Here is her channel –

Brandy Melville, New York Sweatshirt, Grey –
Banana republic cardigan (similar) –
Tied Plaid Cropped Top – Bright Yellow S –
High Waist Plaid Cami Dress – Black S –
Long Sleeve Fitting Pullover Sweater – Gray S (sold out)
Frilled Off The Shoulder Crop Top – White (one size, on sale) –
Textured Knitted Gathered Top – Grey Blue S –
Plunging Neck Tied Bowknot Crop Blouse – Earthy S –
Off Shoulder Ribbed Tee – White –

Topshop Joni Jeans (sorry couldn’t find the link, i got them from Nordstrom on sale!)
some similar ones –
Levi’s Denim High Waisted Cut-offs – I got them from Urban Outfitters, it is their Urban Renewal line, I did exchange the pairs I got like 3 times for this pair that fits me perfectly! (similar fit, different color) –
F21 Front Button Denim Skirt (similar, lighter denim sold out) –

Tory Burch Colorblock Espadrille Flat, size 6.5 ––eN77e072Ko2Iv97K6bvY0zbKMvIw5iJ9sTePPlPsSo26l-I7BpEFG4aAg1PEALw_wcB
Tory Burch Women’s Miller Leather Thong Sandals, size 7 ––eOcA_uVXIsyQIFqslmYiMWPtOk-hwPI2ZvQvRAc23n34-xZao-DmN4aAkLBEALw_wcB
adidas Originals All White Stan Smith Sneakers, size 5.5 ––ePa4h1fGoNZgCDQe1ttQQWxKsMbT1qp0p24o8DRYsexaOAPDBYxz9oaAni4EALw_wcB
Fila WOMEN’S DISRUPTOR PREMIUM 2 SNEAKER, size 6.5 ––ePclnMqMiWxgvC7ZayK0zZ8SqYmEbE2elhl3f7Z9q-dl7Ls5kmYmX0aAqx6EALw_wcB
F21 Denim Skirt (similar, no front buttons) –

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