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Although it was only formed by teenager Ben Francis and a few of his high school friends in 2012, Gymshark has quickly risen to prominence and is now one of the best-known fitness brands in the world. One of the reasons for Gymshark’s popularity is its exceptional use of social media.

It uses sites such as Instagram to appeal to its core audience; young, fit individuals obsessed with looking good at all times. In essence, Gymshark is very good at selling an ‘image; but how do its products stack up against other brands on the market?

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Like a majority of its customers, I found out about the Gymshark brand via social media, so I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. I should note that I am neither a fashionista nor am I a fitness fanatic. However, I do like to keep in reasonable shape and train 3-4 times a week.

Leg day is always a source of dread; mainly due to the pain you feel the following day. As such, I elected to purchase some Gymshark Compression Leggings because they can apparently ease soreness and boost recovery. I’ve tried other types of leggings, and they had an irritating habit of falling down when I trained.

To be honest, I liked the leggings from the moment I wore them because they offered a pretty flattering look right out of the gate. They are ideal for people in ‘okay’ shape and probably make trainees in great shape look incredible. Also, I was impressed by the thick and smooth fabric which seemed to take form with my legs and posterior.

I was able to exercise with no issues regarding freedom of movement and found that I could train with slightly more intensity. I made sure to keep the gym leggings on for an hour after training but didn’t wear them around the house. Nonetheless, my legs felt fine the next day.

On the downside, the leggings are a tad see-through when you squat so wear dark underwear! If you don’t like the idea of people seeing your butt, it’s best to use the leggings for running or upper body training only. Despite the seemingly durable fabric, I was surprised to find that the waistband looked a bit ragged after a few training sessions. Overall, these gym leggings are good for running and for squatting but only if you are confident in your body.

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Gymshark Flex Leggings Review

Gymshark Shirt Review

To be honest, I was more concerned about how the leggings performed, but I did purchase a Gymshark Seamless Long-Sleeve T-shirt as well. I was very impressed by the fit as it was stretchy and clung nicely to my body. I carry a bit of body fat in the stomach region but this shirt was able to glide over unseemly lumps and bumps, and the high neckline ensures you don’t have to reveal too much while you train.

It isn’t really designed to enhance performance, but I did feel confident and assured while wearing it and recommend it to anyone who wants to look and feel good at the gym.

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Using The Gymshark Website

In the competitive world of fitness clothing, an online store will live and die by the quality of its website. Gymshark certainly stands up well in this regard as the site is very professionally designed with ample pictures of its clothing and of course, images of maddeningly attractive and toned men and women.

If you wear Gymshark clothes, are confident in how you look and like selfies, take a picture of yourself wearing the brand and use the #GYMSHARK hashtag to have a chance of featuring on the site’s homepage.

The brand’s offerings are neatly divided into Men, Women and Accessories sections on the top left-hand corner of the page. When you hover over each one, you find a number of sub-sections including its special range which includes DRY Moisture Management, Seamless, and Legacy. To the site’s eternal credit, I found it very easy to find what I wanted to buy and the purchasing process was also a breeze.


What Do Other Gymshark Customers Say?

Naturally, I was curious to see what others said to discover if my mainly positive experience was the norm or an anomaly. What stood out for me was the gushing praise received by the company’s Customer Service personnel. To be honest, the whole experience was stress-free for me so there was no need to contact the company about any problems with the equipment (though I might have a word about the elastic waistband on the leggings!)

Other customers have been in contact with the company regarding defects in merchandise ranging from damaged bags to leggings that had holes in the seam. I was a little concerned to find that there were quite a few complaints about the leggings; maybe I got lucky! However, practically every person that contacted the Gymshark customer service team was delighted with the response, so that explains the company’s popularity I guess.

There were also a number of people who had the same concerns as me regarding the gym leggings. That is, you can’t bend over or squat because they really aren’t squat proof.


I was reasonably pleased with the quality of the clothing, but there are surely better brands when it comes to gym leggings. Since I live close to the company (in the UK), delivery was pretty quick (just 2 days after purchasing the goods). It also delivers to European nations fairly rapidly.

However, there are complaints about how long it takes to deliver stuff to the United States, Australia, and Canada, so its worldwide shipping service clearly needs work. In conclusion, I recommend Gymshark clothing although I would be somewhat wary of the leggings even though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with them. I can’t argue with the price or the quality of the delivery service.




The styling team is dedicated to showcasing our product in the best possible light. Whether that is making the perfect outfit builds, preparing product or styling on one of our shoots, a keen eye for detail and understanding of our product brand is essential. Working within the production team, a junior stylist will be responsible for producing and preparing outfit builds, as well as styling on shoots.

What You’ll Be Doing

RESEARCH – research into styling, trends, accessories and props to gather inspiration to continually push our styling direction.

OUTFIT BUILDS – working alongside our other stylists you’ll be required to create outfits for photography and video campaigns, as well as styling for the Gymshark conditioning app.

ORDERING & TRACKING SAMPLES – place orders for samples, and track sample deliveries for our campaign shoots ensuring all products arrive in time for shoot days.

SAMPLE/ SHOOT PREP – preparing samples at the gslc studios for campaign shoots in line with the styling guidelines. this could involve packing samples, steaming product, organising accessories and props. ensure styling kits are stocked up and prepared for campaigns

ON SET – as a junior stylist you’ll be expected to assist on campaign shoots, but also be able to style independently when required.

What You’ll Need

  • Good communication skills to ensure ideas can be communicated to the wider business
  • Previous fashion work experience, internship and/ or fashion related degree
  • Ability to follow creative direction and think outside the box
  • An impeccable attention to detail
  • Self-starter with the ability to work under minimal guidance
  • Collaborative skills to work closely with other creative teams
  • Adobe suite knowledge – indesign & illustrator skills
  • Previous styling experience working on set – whether that be photography or video
  • Up to date portfolio showcasing styling work
  • Excellent interpersonal skills – being able to quickly establish relationships at all levels (internal & external) with gravitas and strength





These Are the Very Best Workout Leggings

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

When I was a full-time rock-climbing instructor, I wore leggings almost every single day, so I feel well equipped to say this: Leggings can make or break a workout. A pair that fits well can literally support you and help you get hyped to exercise. On the flip side, nothing is more discouraging or distracting during a workout than ill-fitting clothes. I spent years searching for leggings that suited my needs (durable, easy to mix and match, good stretch) and to this day still own more leggings than “real” pants. The perfect workout leggings should hug your curves without gaping and make you feel confident and strong. Below, we’ve curated the 23 best workout leggings regardless of how you like to sweat.

The Amazon Holy Grail

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pant

Reviewers really, really, really, love these leggings from ODODOS. There are more than 9,600 reviews for them on Amazon, with more than 60 percent five-star reviews. The top review is titled simply “BUY THEM!” The pants are comfortable for lower-impact activities, but might not stand up to a HIIT or boxing class.

The Ultrahigh-Waist Pair

Lululemon Wunder Under Super High-Rise Tight

It wouldn’t be a workout legging list without Lululemon, would it? These offer super-high coverage and go all the way up past your belly button, making them perfect for pairing with crop tops or your favorite sports bra. The “Full-On Luxtreme” fabric keeps everything in place and is supersmooth to the touch.

A Solid Mid-Rise Option

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

If you’d prefer a lower rise in the world of ubiquitous high-waisted pants, these gems from Amazon are your answer. They have a functional pocket, are “squat proof” (meaning they won’t suddenly become sheer or split when you squat down), and are just as comfortable for lounging as they are for working out.

The Best Warm Workout Leggings

Under Armour Women’s Cold Gear Authentic Pants

We wrote about these fleece-lined pants in our fleece-lined winter leggings round up, and we are still obsessed with them for wintertime workouts. They’re lightweight and wicking enough for you to workout in them without becoming a living puddle of sweat, but warm enough to brave ever-dipping temps outside.

Best Animal Print

Ultracor Leopard Leggings

Have you ever daydreamed about wearing your favorite leopard midi skirt to the gym? It’s not the best idea, so you can wear these wild-print leggings from Ultracor instead. They don’t have a center seam, so it’s impossible for you to get the dreaded legging camel toe and the leggings’ compression and stretch will make sure you feel as great as you look.

Best Leggings for the ’Gram

Outdoor Voices 3/4 Two-Tone Legging

These Instagram-friendly leggings can hold up for a wide gamut of activities (biking, yoga, rock climbing.) I use them as a base layer under jeans for the coldest months of the year because the shorter hem doesn’t peek out. The textured compression smoothes over curves and feels like a firm hug. The material is made to last, but if you’re going for a buttery feel, these will be a little too coarse to the touch. The three-quarters length hits just above the ankle for me, but if you’re taller and want a similar cut, go for the seven-eighths version.

The Sustainable Option

Girlfriend Collective High Waisted 7/8 Leggings

Girlfriend Collective’s leggings are made with recycled water bottles — the entire production process was designed with sustainability in mind, from sourcing their bottles to how they dye their fabrics. They’re also super cozy and have a soft, almost shiny texture to them. Since the fabric is tightly woven synthetic material, they tend to hold heat super well. They’re great for brisker activities, less so for super-sweaty ones. These have a super-high rise, too, making them ideal for when you want to wear a crop top but not show a ton of skin.

The Budget Pick That’s Not See-through

Olacia Yoga Pants With Pockets

Buying cheaper leggings online is always a gamble because no one wants to be stuck with see-through fabric. Luckily, these leggings from Olacia have more than a thousand reviews, and fans say they’re completely opaque. Reviewers add that these have a comfy, high rise and great quality for a sub-$20 price. They have options for several colors in both a full and crop length, so you can mix things up, too.

Best Pocket Leggings

Heathyoga Yoga Pants with Pockets

These leggings are made with a blend of polyester and spandex to stretch and move with you during a workout. There are two pockets, which are just large enough to fit a phone. Smaller pockets are actually a good thing in a pair of leggings, because it holds your phone in place by your hip rather than sending it all the way down your thigh.

The Best Durable Leggings

Carhartt Women’s Force Stretch Utility Legging

Leggings are great for workouts like running or dance class because they move with you, but they can be trouble on hikes or adventure sports because the soft fabric is prone to snags and tears. These Carhartt leggings offer the best of both worlds. One reviewer wrote that they are “Magic Pants!” that were perfect for a day of hiking and horseback riding.

Best Leggings for Winter Running

Lululemon Flurry Up Super High-Rise Tights

These leggings are designed for winter runs, but you could also use them for other cold-weather training (one reviewer said she ice skates in them). The fleece lining will keep you warm, but also wicks away sweat so it doesn’t have the chance to absorb into the fabric. There are also subtle reflective stripes along the sides, which alert drivers to your existence during early-morning or evening runs.

Best for Studio and Barre

Outdoor Voices Freeform 7/8 High Rise Legging

When doing a barre-style class, you need something that stretches and can withstand movement without being too constricting. The Freeform leggings do all that and more. They’re oh-so-soft and feel like a second skin. They have a high rise, and the wide waistband doesn’t pinch at the waist.

Best for Running

Oiselle O-Mazing 3/4 Tights

Oiselle knows running. The Seattle-based company produces apparel made by and for women athletes. Reviewers say they stay perfectly in place and don’t chafe during runs. One reviewer also said they were great for throwing a sweater on after a workout to run errands. They also advocate for athletes’ rights in professional sports, especially in track and field, which has been subject to controversy and abuse, so these leggings are a good ethical buy, too.

The All-around Classic

Nike One Luxe Dri-FIT Training Tights

These tights offer high performance no matter what your day throws at you. The Dri-Fit tights are perfect for working out and soft enough to wear just because.

Best for Yoga

PrAna Transform Legging

PrAna’s compression jersey ensures that you are supported throughout your yoga flow. One reviewer notes that they’re comfortable without losing their snug fit. They’re best for yoga but could work for studio workouts, too.

Best for Intensive Training

Lululemon Power Position High Waisted Crop

These cropped leggings were made to train hard, making them best for high-intensity workouts like boxing classes or Crossfit. Lululemon’s Luxtreme fabric is woven with additional Lycra to ensure these awesome pants retain their shape through every session.

Best Outdoor Voices Dupe

JoyLab High Waisted 7/8 Leggings

Two things stand out about these leggings. (1) How similar they look to the Outdoor Voices Springs Leggings, and (2) how affordable and size inclusive JoyLab’s line is. These go up to a 4X, are a fraction of the price of some of the other leggings on this list, and are supercute and fun.

The Best Maternity Workout Leggings

Ingrid & Isabel Workout Capri with Crossover Panel

Pregnancy can make it hard to find clothing that fits, let alone that you can work out in. These capris have a crossover panel that can be worn folded down or over your belly to make them useful during different stages of pregnancy. The back of the waistline is also notched to prevent dreaded back sweat.

The Best Mesh-Panel Leggings

Core 10 Icon Warrior Mesh Yoga Leggings

People will tell you that mesh panels in leggings help ventilate your body during a workout and better wick away sweat. These people are lying. Mesh panels don’t really add functionality to workout leggings, but they do help to mix things up in the sea of color-block athletic attire. These are cute enough to wear outside of the gym, but can still withstand low intensity workouts like a chill vinyasa flow. There’s a small pocket in the back of the waistband that can hold a credit card or keys, but don’t put cash in there unless you want to tip your yoga instructor with a sweat-drenched bill.

The Designer Pair

Adidas by Stella McCartney Alphaskin 360 leggings

These leggings have a winter-camo vibe to them, with a little peek of color from the rose panels above the knee. They are also made with Adidas’ Climachill technology to regulate your body temperature while working out and keep you cool. Pair these with the matching Adidas by Stella McCartney top and you’ve got a winning outfit!

Best for Lifting

Gymshark Form Leggings

These leggings are lightweight and breathable for your most intense training sessions. They also have plenty of support for weight training and make your butt look awesome, too.

The Do-It-All Legging

Athleta Lightning Tight in Supersonic

The Athleta Lightning Tights are awesome for running, and great for just about everything else, too. There’s an adjustable drawstring that’s designed to never get lost in the wash and a small stash pocket with a zipper to keep your keys or cards from falling out mid-run. We love the sleek reflective panel that’s hidden under mesh for visibility when you need it and subtlety when you don’t.

The Best For Your Butt

Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt High Waisted Yoga Legging

Sweaty Betty Leggings are known to be the leggings to make your butt look great. The Super Sculpt leggings have a near perfect rating on their website, with reviewers remarking that the fabric smooths cellulite and stays up during workouts. One reviewer writes, “I bought these for working out but I have been wearing them for everything because they shape my body and look so good.”


One of the best things about the co-op is the thriving community of gearheads, dirtbags, bird nerds, thru-hikers, peak-baggers, storytellers and more who work in our stores and headquarters, guide our trips and teach our classes. In this monthly series, we’ll tap into that expert knowledge to answer some of your burning questions about terrain, gear, safety, etiquette—anything! The co-op has your back.

Hiking in anything spandex—like yoga pants, cotton leggings and running tights—is a noticeable trail trend. It makes sense—they’re comfortable, they fit well, and they’re already in your closet. On the other hand, technical hiking pants are designed for the trail, and as my imaginary grandpa likes to say, cotton’ll kill you faster than a rattler in a thunderstorm. Instead of Gramps, though, I turned to Liz Meschio, a 26-year-old REI Outdoor School instructor for some sage advice.

Liz is an experienced long-distance hiker, and to my surprise, she told me she hikes only in running shorts. “Plenty of people still wear pants and stuff, but I’m just one of the people who don’t,” she says. “I hiked the entire PCT in a pair of running shorts and a moisture-wicking tank top.”

Liz favors shorts because they’re ultralight and well-ventilated, and they even have built-in underwear so she can skim a few more ounces off her pack. But she’s not recommending them per se—she believes people should find their own sweet spot in terms of trail clothes. “What works for me might not work for everybody, you know?”

hiking in yoga pants

There’s another reason Liz eschews more traditional hiking pants. “I’m 6 feet tall and I’m Italian, so I have a lot going on as far as curves,” she says, pointing out that hiking pants tend to be tailored for straight legs and narrow hips, which doesn’t work for all body types. “Sometimes there’s just not clothes that fit a curvier person. The seams rub on your thigh. So that’s why they go to spandex and running tights.”

This explains so much. Nothing takes you away from the communing with the forest more than the chafing of the seams. Except maybe hypothermia. While cotton-spandex leggings may be more comfortable, what about moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, quick-dry, UV-protected fabric? Don’t we need that stuff to survive?

Liz says it depends on how far you’re going and how long you’ll be out: If it’s more than three days, leave the spandex at home. “Yoga pants and running tights get super funky really quickly,” she says, “and you can get an infection in a place where you definitely don’t want one.”

If you’re going for an overnight or a day hike, Liz recommends tights that are made for triathlons. Tri tights provide more technical performance than regular running tights or leggings. “Maybe that’s just a little in-between place you could go,” she says.

hiking in yoga pants

With all spandex, durability is another factor to consider. “If you need to bushwhack, those tights are gonna tear,” Liz says. “If you’re doing scrambles, those things are going to get torn up. The terrain, the environment, that’s all stuff you’ve got to look at. If you’re going to be climbing up a rock wall, or slogging through mud, or you’re going to be in a really buggy area, they make clothes for that. They make gaiters for river crossings. They make insect-treated clothing. It comes down to a person’s health when they’re out there.”

Read: How to Choose Backpacking ClothesInfections, ripped pants and bugs all sound uncomfortable. But what about Gramps? Can wearing cotton leggings really be dangerous? Absolutely, Liz says. “Cotton does kill.”

Liz says the thing with cotton is when you sweat, moisture is absorbed and stays next to your skin. If there’s a sudden downpour or an unexpected river crossing, your cotton-spandex pants are going to get soaked. When the temperature drops and you’re still wearing those wet clothes, that’s when it gets dangerous.

“Yeah you’re going to get hypothermia,” Liz says. “Unless you can immediately get out of your wet clothes and into a sleeping bag that’s the proper temperature for the outside air, you’re looking at being in some pretty big trouble.”

hiking in yoga pants

Technical hiking pants wick your sweat and dry fast, but they can still get soaked if, say, your friends decide to throw you in a lake. “If you wring them out and hang them, they will probably be pretty close to dry in the morning, so at least you have something to wear,” Liz says. “But that cotton’s not going to be dry.”

Does she run into resistance on this front? Sure. “People are like, ‘Well I wear cotton to the gym, and it’s fine,’” Liz says. “Yeah, you’re in the gym for an hour or two. This is a little bit of a different situation. Anything cotton is just a one-way ticket to a hot, damp, rash-filled experience on the trail.”

Ultimately, on the question of hiking in yoga pants, Liz says: “There’s nothing wrong with wearing leggings or tights on a day hike. Sure, whatever! Try it out, see what happens. I would guess 50 percent of people are going to be like, I need more technical stuff.”






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GymShark Flex Leggings Review:

HELLO! Hiii!!! Welcome back to my channel! My name is Michell Rahima and today I wanted to share with you some of the outfits that I have been loving for the gym lately. I feature clothing from popular teen workout clothing sites such as GymShark, Bombshell Sportswear, Forever 21, Nike, Adidas & more. I have been super motivated in the gym lately and I feel like cute workout clothes make me excited to hit the gym. I will leave all of the outfit deets below. Thank you so much for watching this video, if you liked it please be sure to give it a thumbs up because it seriously helps me out so much!! I post new videos every Wednesday & Saturday, subscribe so you don’t miss content (and so we can be friends, i like friends). Okayyyy. I love you!! XO Michell Rahima


Outfit 1 –
Cropped Hoodie: Forever 21
Leggings: Bombshell Sportswear ‘Dangerous 3 Strap’
Shoes: LA Gear

Outfit 2 –
Cropped Hoodie: Forever 21
Sports Bra: Victoria’s Secret
Leggings: Bombshell Sportswear ‘Thigh High Sock Leggings Navy’
Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Outfit 3 –
Cropped Hoodie: Forever 21
Sports Bra: Target
Leggings: GymShark Flex Leggings
Shoes: Nike

Outfit 4 –
Cropped Crewneck: Adidas
Leggings: GymShark Fit Leggings
Shoes: Nike // Adidas Superstar

Outfit 5 –
Top: Ooh La Loft
Leggings: GymShark Flex Leggings
Shoes: LA Gear

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