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Key Trends in Flower Girl Outfits

Choosing the perfect dress for a flower girl can be a difficult task. Here we have listed the main trends in flower girl dresses to make it easier for you to choose the perfect dress. A flower girl dress for special occasions should be pretty, suitable for the wedding party and comfortable for the girl wearing it. Here is a style guide to help you choose the right dress.


The best choice for a flower girl dress should be light pastel and cream shades. They don’t have to be the exact color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, so a subtle but beautiful shade is perfect. A light pattern may look pretty, but consider how it might match what the rest of the bridal party is wearing.


There are so many different styles of flower girl dresses you can buy. The two most popular at the moment are: the ballerina style dress with flowing tulle and the doll style dress with ribbon detail. Both are very pretty styles and are dresses that your little girl can wear for another special occasion. If they are long dresses, you can always change them later so that they are knee-length.


Like the dress itself, the simplest and most elegant accessories are the best. Small, delicate bracelets made of delicate colored pearls or a wreath of flowers are a lovely finishing touch. Sometimes the flowers used in the bouquet are used to decorate the hair of the flower girls. If you have your ears pierced, small silver or gold studs or glass studs are perfect.


There are so many different hairstyles for flower girls, but having your hair done is beautiful and won’t bother you all day. Pulling her hair in a ponytail is a wonderfully easy way to do it. A bun can also look very pretty, but be careful if her hair is thick. Some children may have a headache from having hair that is too tight or from having heavy hair in a bun or a tight ponytail.


Simple, once again it’s better when it comes to shoes. Flat ballet shoes are a good choice as they match most flower girl outfits and are comfortable throughout the day. They are also shoes that you can wear after the wedding.

It is a good idea to buy the shoes a few weeks before the wedding and ask them to be worn a few times before the day in the house to avoid blisters. If you are afraid that this might happen during the day, bring another pair of shoes that you can wear to the reception after the wedding party pictures.

Choosing children’s clothes can often be difficult, especially if it is a special occasion, such as a flower show. I hope that our advice has inspired you to consider what you should consider when buying the best florist outfit for your little one.

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Outfit #1
Jacket: American Apparel

Pants: Costco
Shoes: Vans

Outfit #2
Sweater: Thrifted
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Nike Air Max 90’s

Outfit #3
Sweater: Forever21
Pants: Brandy Melville
Sandals: Thrifted

Outfit #4:
T Shirt Dress: Thrifted
Jacket: Thrifted
Boots: Dr Martens



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