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First Date Chaos? Top 3 First Date Tips and Outfits

One of the many things I learned while working at Cosmo is that the number one suit for guys on a first date is jeans and a T-shirt. Yes, ladies, don’t be surprised; it’s obvious that most men don’t want to feel intimidated or threatened by a girl. If you’re well-dressed and look like you’ve spent hours getting ready, the red flag of “high maintenance alert” will be waved. Most guys don’t like that girls seem to have taken a long time to prepare. Try sitting down and looking at the floor. As you know, this has never made a negative first impression.

Scenario 1: Casual dinner and a date at the movies

These dates are the icebreakers of all time. You spend a good five hours together, one by one. Get to know each other’s characteristics and learn things about each other. My advice is to watch the movie first. This will give you time at dinner to think about the movie and see how you think and what you appreciate, etc.

Dressing – Put together your sexiest jeans with any white top you like.

Jeans – The trick to looking good and conveying confidence and ease has a lot to do with your attire, so don’t wear jeans that make you shake your ass from time to time to get it up. Don’t get me wrong, some men may think it’s cute, but on a first date, I’d skip those moves. Wear jeans that fit, jeans you’re comfortable in.

Above: See if it’s a nice printed T-shirt or a frilly blouse. Guys love white. They’re programmed to find it sexy. They have a nice glow in the dim afternoon light and in the dark theater. Wear any style that highlights your assets, be it shoulders, arms, narrow waist, etc.

Your shoes: Most guys don’t even notice what shoes you wear, so it must be up to you, and which ones you’re most comfortable in. Think about size. He’ll notice if you’re 3 inches taller or 6 inches shorter, so try to find a mid-point with the heel height, if available.

Scenario 2 – Dance club/party with friends

So these kinds of dates aren’t really dates, but they’re supposed to go together and leave again if all goes well, we hope.

It’s time to party, get carried away, and enjoy. You will see each other’s wild side and feel each other’s chemistry on the dance floor.

My advice: see how attentive and in love with you he is, let him run free in the club when he comes back to you and you find him by your side. It might be worth a second date.

Her outfit: Choose a playful, flowing dress that will bounce when you dance in your sexy heels. You’ll look fun and relaxed, which makes him more like you. Try to add some fun and interesting accessories that underline your personality. Don’t choose super tight, body-hugging dresses. First of all, it’s guaranteed that 80% of all other girls are going to get this look. You want your style to stand out. And finally, it’s good to leave something to the imagination, the less you know, the more you want to know. Let it go, trust me, it works for the good guys!

Scenario 3 – Klatch afternoon coffee

Get ready for the talk. These appointments can be the best or the worst. If you don’t like it, you can make up an excuse to leave, or you can be convinced that you just met the man of your dreams.

Your body language will tell you everything. If you like him, try leaning in while he tells you a story, or if you’re sitting next to him, cross your legs to him. These are little “I’m checking you out” signs that he will notice. Remember to keep it a little mysterious. Kids like the chase, they need it to feel the need to chase you at first. So, let the games begin. But remember to play nice, because nobody likes a “hmmm,” you know.

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CUTE ANDROGYNOUS SUMMER OUTFITS | Androgynous Lookbook | Laineybot