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Fancy Dress Parties to Define an Era

In the face of the bleak winter weather that is ruining people’s plans, many of us are looking for alternative ways to entertain ourselves and our friends and family. One option is to have a costume party that everyone can attend as their favorite movie character, musical icon, or athlete. The problem with some carnival parties is that people don’t know how to come, and in the end, you have a random mix of characters.

A good idea for any costume party is to choose a time for everyone to fit in and get interesting combinations. The most popular times are the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, as these are times when the clothes were very different and there are many options for everyone to choose from. You can even include characters from movies from these eras, such as Grease, which is a popular choice among many.

In the 1960s, hippies wore baggy clothes for boys, but a little tighter for women. Costumes were very colorful and eye-catching, headbands and peace sign medallions were in fashion. It’s always fun to dress many people in the 1960s suits, especially if you arrange one with your work colleagues, who you are used to seeing very conservative dresses.

In the 70’s everything revolved around disco dancing, so some of the costumes available are very extravagant, and why not choose a dance contest with all those who come as John Travolta in Grease or Saturday Night Fever. The endless fun you can have will make you grateful that the idea of a costume party has come up, and you will wonder why you have never done this before. If you choose a 70s style costume party, you’ll see big hair, lapels, and flames everywhere.

The 80s style was similar to the 70s, with music playing a big role in society. Bell-bottoms were also in fashion back then, so there should be a great costume at the party. Some very popular movies were released at that time as well, but you might want to decide if people are allowed to dress up as movie characters. There are some great characters from movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Superman if you decide to allow it.

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