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Back to school outfits that are in dresscode (and actually cute)

Dressing Girls For School

I have talked to many parents who tell me that it is a big task to prepare their youngest daughters for school in the morning. Every girl wants to dress in the morning, but deciding what to wear can take forever and could even be a selection process for a runway model each morning. If your child doesn’t have a single item of clothing, she’ll probably want to change three times before deciding which item she “accepts” to wear every day at school.

We have introduced guidelines for school clothing at our house and they start choosing your clothes the night BEFORE school. So every night, before my girls get ready for bed, they can choose up to three outfits; from these three outfits, they must choose the one they will wear the next day to school. They usually use the popular “Eeny meeny miney moe” method to make their final choice, and now, at ages 5 and 7, they have figured out how to use this rhyme to get the result they want.

Although it takes a little longer to get them to bed at night, it saves them a lot of effort in the morning, when everyone usually goes out late. Don’t start with the hair in the morning or the whole plan could fly out the window.

The “official” rules say that if you choose your suit the night before and then don’t wear it or go back to the closet and start looking again, you’ll only have two suits to choose from for the next day. This method of organizing the girls in the morning worked wonderfully in our house, although my youngest daughter only slightly revised her choice in some cases, especially regarding the shoes. The good news is that if they change this decision, she usually chooses one of the other two suits from the night before, and that can only save a lot of time.

If you use this method at home, I’m sure you’ll find your daughters, like me, entering your bedroom to wake you up while you’re fully dressed and ready for school. Now they’re the ones urging me or my wife to get ready to bring them breakfast and get to school on time. Mom, hurry up, we only have five minutes left, that’s all I hear in the morning. And, the kids are right, now it’s Mom who’s holding up the bus to school.

The program helps your girls concentrate in the morning. It helps them get dressed in the morning without your help, and it helps make sure you get out of the house to go to school on time. If I could include my wife in the same program when we go out to dinner at night, my life would be perfect.

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the 5 back to school outfits I put together for you. They’re all cute and comfortable so you’ll be rocking them when you go back to school haha. Enjoy πŸ™‚

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