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Back To School Outfit Ideas | 2018-2019

Fashionable School Uniforms for Girls

Whether your teenager attends a private or public school, the need for high-quality, fashionable school uniforms is critical. Recently, parents and teachers have expressed concern about the clothing children wear in schools and have even hinted that certain trends and styles lead to alienation, antisocial behavior, and, in some cases, aggressive behavior. While studies may never conclusively show that clothing causes certain parental behavior, it is best to provide your child with safe school uniforms, including polo shirts, knee-length shorts, roll-up skirts, and low-waist sweaters.

If your youngster attends a private school, you don’t have to worry, since the school will inform you about the dress code and its strict enforcement. However, if he or she attends a public or state school, the fashion rules cannot be so fixed, and this means that you, as parents, must have good judgment about what is appropriate.

It is best to take a conservative tone to be sure. Your teen may want to express herself, but suggestive clothing has caused a stir in schools across the country, and if she doesn’t want to get involved in a fashion scandal, it’s a good idea to stick with plain khakis, skirts, and waist-down sweaters. Simple, classic, and safe, khaki pants are a staple of any wardrobe and ensure a clean and tidy look for girls. Whether pleated, narrow, or flat, you can find khaki pants with legs that match your girl’s special shape and style.

If leisure and physical education are part of your girl’s curriculum, you’ll want to offer her some simple and basic shorts with an elastic waist. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these athletic knee-length shorts are more conservative dress code and also feature easy-care poly/cotton twill. If you’re a girl and need comfortable shorts to show off on warm fall and spring days, Bermuda shorts are a good option. You can also buy high quality and stylish Capri pants with padded seams, button applications, and contrasting waist.

If a girl wants to look more feminine, you can always dress your school-aged girl in high-quality sweaters, polo dresses, and roll-up skirts. Not every girl wants to look like a pro golfer, and with stylish roll-up skirts with buckles, pleats and button placket, you can give your school uniform a feminine accent that won’t be perceived as offensive. Classically cut sweaters have always been a staple of girls’ school uniforms, and you can find traditional sweaters in khaki and navy blue that conform to the school dress code.

back at it again with the back to school outfit ideas, if you like these ootw videos give this one a thumbs up and I’ll do more. Adjust to fit your dress code by using longer shorts and unripped jeans:)Also, comment what other back to school videos you wanna see!

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