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Designer Girls Outfits

The designer girls’ suits have arrived for the spring and with these fashion brands they offer even the youngest of us a fashionable option:

Baby Gooma Gas

With a casual and chic look, Baby Gassy Gooma has created a range of outfits that are great for play and stylish enough for school. They are perfectly coordinated and consist of frilly jeans and bumpers with adjustable straps and fun patterns and textures.

Mimi and Maggie

Lovely dresses and Capri hip pants are just a few of the girl’s outfits that Mimi and Maggie are known for. The strong colors and high-quality fabrics make the tunic and cabana dress really unique. The hand embroidery and appliqués make the Capris simply adorable.


The lightweight and comfortable material are characteristics of Santiki’s designs. Light and airy summer dresses are available in bright colors for the season. Single color shorts are equipped with adjustable straps that make them adaptable and fashionable.

Wes and Willy

Wes and Willy’s coordinated hoodies and leggings can be used together to create fabulous outfits for the fall. The warm raglan sweaters and plush tights have heart and ring designs that make this line particularly fashionable.

The sweet potatoes

From baby doll t-shirts to jazz separators, Sweet Potatoes girls’ suits will please girls, no matter what style they prefer. The shiny decorations and lovely patterns make the shirts especially cute. Layers and fun appliqués will delight even the youngest of fashionistas.

Queen Christine

Queen Christine makes female camouflage in her new line of girls’ dresses. The shiny capris have “camouflaged” ruffles on the bottom and match perfectly with the wrinkled top, which has just a touch of pink to add a zipper to the camouflage design.


Your daughter’s birthday will become a red carpet event with the beautiful costumes of the Flourishes girls. The layered tulle dresses with satin ribbon trim will be a hit. The floral accented woven bodices create a unique look that will delight on any occasion.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl has designed girls’ suits and swimsuits that are the envy of the beach. The two-piece bikinis and tankinis combine perfectly with the mottled skirt. The fun prints and flattering designs make these swimsuits perfect for a hot day in the sun.

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