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Cleopatra Fancy Dress

Cleopatra is the most famous queen of Egypt, also known as the last pharaoh of Egypt before the fall of Egypt to the Roman Empire. She was known for both her cunning and her beauty. When she inherited the throne at the age of 18, she followed the tradition and married her brother Ptolemy, who was only 12 years old at that time.

Although she was officially married, Cleopatra led the nation on her own until her younger brother’s followers decided that she was too independent and exiled her to Syria. In her attempts to regain control of the throne, she met Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, who became her lovers, although Mark Antony is the romance known throughout history.

Although the story is interesting, many people know her simply because of her reputation for beauty and style. Of course, this is maximized in the famous movie Cleopatra, whose original was released in 1963 and starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Since then, many versions have been made, and there is talk that Angelina Jolie will be the star of the next version to be filmed.

Cleopatra’s costume is very popular because it is elegant and stylish and can easily be worn by any character. They range from an extremely extravagant look to simpler Egyptian-style costumes with additional decoration and are usually quite affordable. An added advantage is that this style of dress is firmly in vogue. So if you remove the headboard and some of the other accessories, you have a dress that you can wear to a regular party or event.

It is better to buy these items online, so you will have a wider selection of dresses than if you went to a local costume shop that only has two or three Egyptian suits available.

While most of Cleopatra’s costumes are available in white with gold trim, there are also versions in black and even red, blue, and gold. They may not be authentic, but you can also wear the colors that suit you best. The elite costumes come with beautiful accessories such as belts, necklaces, and hats.

It is usually a good idea to buy well in advance of the party or event; delivery time in the UK is usually 3-5 days unless you want to pay special shipping costs. If you order well in advance, you will have time to make the necessary changes to your costume and buy additional accessories such as jewelry and shoes or sandals and a wig to match your costume. Many of these accessories can be purchased online when you buy your dress.

There is a large selection of different Cleopatra costumes and many more that can be found under the title “Queen of the Nile” or “Princess of the Nile”, so you are sure to find the style that suits you best. Many of these costumes come in sizes for curved figures, and I think they are particularly flattering.

There are also many ways to go to a party with your “Antonius”, a pharaoh, or perhaps a slave who fans you with a palm leaf! Because of the connection between Egypt and the Roman Empire, you could also go with Julius Caesar or a Roman soldier, even if it is an Egyptian costume party.

Cute outfit ideas that are good for going out for date night/with friends!
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