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School Event Ideas to Create School Spirit

Using events to awaken school spirit is a great way to involve students, teachers, and parents. There are many ways to inspire school spirit. Most events can revolve around the athletics associated with the school, but there are also activities such as fundraising, school equipment, and competitions that can be used in place of events.

The most obvious school event to promote school spirit is a pep rally. It usually involves the cheerleaders and the football team, but it can also be an opportunity for all athletes to participate. Rallies in the fall may involve all of the fall athletic teams, while the same is possible in the spring. One way to get more teams involved is to create competitions such as “land vs. water,” where soccer and baseball teams compete against swimming and water polo teams in a non-sporting competition, such as a contest on school traditions.

An easy event to plan is a “dress-up day. Encourage students to dress in school colors and come to class dressed and painted. Plan a “Twin Day” where students can dress up as a friend. Celebrate a creative Uniform Day where students can make changes to their regular uniform, with extra points for uniqueness. Let students vote for the most interesting outfits.

Most schools have an in-school store where they sell school-related items. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the spirit of a non-event. Add a variety of items bearing the colors or emblem of the school: T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, notebooks, book covers, and window stickers. For extra fun, there are special items for freshmen, seniors, etc.

Instead of a single event, you should organize a whole ghost week with many activities planned. This can be coordinated with Homecoming Week in which alumni are likely to participate. Ideas could include Superhero Day, Hat or Slipper Day, Flashback Day, etc. Plan a different activity each day before the main event. Ghost Week can include competitions between classes, such as the best-decorated door, trivia games, or which class can earn the most points for students who participate in Ghost Week.

Participation in fundraising activities, such as Make-A-Wish, can encourage many students and teachers to get involved. Competition among classrooms over who can raise the most money inspires many to empty their banks and pockets. The winning class can be invited to lunch at the local pizzeria or an ice cream dinner.

A good way to encourage student participation is through organized events such as a girls’ soccer game or student-teacher events. A popular event is a basketball game between students and teachers. It is open to any teacher who wants to participate and to any student, whether or not they are on the basketball team. Arrange a date and time when students and the community can come to enjoy the game.

Involve school principals by encouraging them to be prepared to shave their heads or dye their hair a funny color if students can achieve a set goal. Do this in a pep rally where the entire student body can be present.

There are many events that can inspire school spirit. There is nothing better than seeing a stadium filled with the colors of your school, this view alone can inspire more children to participate.

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