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A Look at Cowgirl Fancy Dress – Cowboy Fancy Dress Costumes For the Ladies

The popular costumes for couples back then were the cowboy and Indian combinations. The man came to the party in cowboy suits, and the woman came as an Indian. However, in the last few years, I have been to more and more Halloween parties where the opposite was true. The man came to the party as an Indian chief, while his partner showed up in a tight cowboy costume.

How can this be? When I watched the Westerns as a kid, Hollywood almost always portrayed the female characters as healthy ladies who cooked the food and did the housework while their cowboys slaved away all day on the plains and skillfully rounded up the cattle. So a cowgirl costume can’t be very realistic, right? Well, yes and no.

The truth is that in the days of the Wild West, there were certainly many cowgirls who could tie and ride as well as men, and they were easily accepted by the cowboys as soon as they had earned their spurs. It is very unlikely, however, that the West would have won if the cowgirl’s outfits had looked even remotely like those you see at parties today.

Ironically, the costumes the cowgirls wore at that time were much more like typical cowboy suits than the suits intended for ladies. But if you feel like wearing something daring at the next party, these cowgirl costumes are guaranteed to turn your head when you sneak into the room.

If you don’t feel comfortable in one of these cowgirl costumes, but you like the idea of a Wild West theme, then you should consider going as an energetic ballroom lioness. Just as tempting, but perhaps a little less revealing.

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