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6 Comfy Yet Stylish Lazy Day Outfits

These outfits are just as comfortable as pajamas, but a thousand times more appropriate to wear in public.

You’re studying for finals. You’re busy packing up your belongings for the long winter break. And, of course, it’s cold outside and therefore just a tad bit harder to get out of bed in the morning. Because of this, having a few insanely comfortable outfits under your belt is more important than ever!

Of course, none of us enjoy leaving the house looking like slobs. Personally, I cringe every time I see someone trekking across campus in pajamas and Uggs, or grocery shopping in those silly baggy cut-off pirate sweatpants. Lucky for us, there are severaloutfits out there that are just as comfortable as pajamas, but look about a thousand times more appropriate in public.

CF is here to break them down for you, with tips and tricks for looking cozy yet chic, as well as a few easy-to-recreate outfit ideas.

Let’s get to it!

Tips and Tricks for Staying Cozy While Looking Chic

  • Jeggings. These are your trick! They look just like a pair of jeans, but are soft and stretchy. Throw them on with a v-neck, an oversized cardigan, and slouchy boots.
  • Embrace your glasses. Not only do they save you time putting in your contacts, but if you have thick-rimmed glasses, they’ll frame and define your eyes enough that you don’t even need to bother with eye makeup! Finish with an easy swipe of bright lip gloss.
  • Look for stylish sweatpantsForever 21 usually has sweatpants that are cut like a chic pair of slouchy pants, and might even have cool detailing or pockets. If you ever stumble across these, be sure to snatch them up! You can wear them with ballet flats or high-heeled ankle booties and no one will have any idea how cozy you actually are.
  • Tunics will be your best friend on lazy days. You can wear them with leggings and boots, and you’ll look absolutely adorable.
  • Thick socks. Not matter where you are, a cozy and warm pair of socks will make you feel like you’re cuddled up on your couch at home.
  • Top knots. A messy bun on the top of your head not only masks greasy hair, but looks super stylish, too. It’s a great trick to pull when you’re too busy or lazy to do your hair! Beanies are also a great way to hide greasy roots.
  • Accessorize. Cover up a ratty shirt and leggings with scarves, boot socks, headwraps, statement necklaces, and more.

Outfit Ideas

1. Jeggings + Knit Sweater + Scarf

Products: Sweater – Gap, Jeggings – Kohl’s, Earrings – Kohl’s, Scarf – Old Navy, Boots – JCPenney

This outfit is a no-brainer that can be whipped out for a day-long study session at a coffee shop or the library. A knit sweater – especially one made from a non-itchy, breathable material – looks effortlessly stylish and pairs perfectly with those go-to jeggings. Finish with scarf, cute stud earrings, and boots.

2. Maxi Skirt + Tee + Jacket

Products: Tee – Urban Outfitters, Jacket – Urban Outfitters, Skirt – H&M, Shoes – ASOS, Lip Treatment – Fresh

Maxi skirts are great for comfort because they keep you warm, covered, and have a loose-fitting waist. Pair it with your favorite t-shirt and a jacket, then finish with a bright swipe of lip color. I personally love Sugar lip treatment because it goes on thick and moisturizes your lips like a balm would, but also provides a bright pop of color.

3. Jeggings + Long Sleeved Shirt + Winter Vest

Products: Tee – Gap, Vest – Old Navy, Jeggings – Kohl’s, Shoes – Macy’s, Earrings – Kohl’s

Vests are another sneaky way to look presentable but stay uber cozy. You’ll be amazed at how warm it will keep you, even in frigid conditions. Complete the outfit with a striped shirt, stud earrings, and easy boat shoes.

4. Oversized Sweater + Athleisure Accessories

Products: Sweater – Kohl’s, Leggings – Aerie, Boots – Macy’s, Gloves – Lululemon, Headwrap – H&M, Socks – H&M

Another great way to compensate for a lazy outfit is to add several stylish accessories. This tunic sweater will look awesome with leggings and high socks tucked into a pair of riding boots. Add chic fingerless gloves and a headwrap to complete the ensemble.

5. Slouchy Pants + Tank Top + Cropped Jacket

Products: Tank Top – H&M, Jacket – ASOS, Pants – Free People, Headwrap – American Eagle, Flats – Kohl’s

Slouchy pants are soft, breathable, and feel almost like silky pajama pants! They’re a fantastic piece to have on hand when you feel lazy but want to look chic. Tie up the outfit with a tank top, a cropped jacket, and a printed headwrap.

6. Chic Activewear

Products: Tank – Gap, Joggers – Athleta, Shoes – Nike, Watch – Fitbit, Jacket – Old Navy

I know that many would disagree with me, but I personally see no shame in wearing chic activewear while running errands, going to class, or studying. Other people will assume that you’re on your way to or from the gym – and who knows, your ensemble might motivate you to make time to work out! Joggers are comfortable and provide a lot of coverage. Pair them with a tank, a sporty jacket, and a Fitbit.

What Do You Think?

What are your go-to outfits when you’re feeling on the lazy side? Would you wear any of these outfit formulas? What tricks do you employ when you want to stay cozy but look chic? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!