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Ideas For Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes

Pirates are a great reason for carnival parties and are suitable for both young and old. The costumes are very versatile, as you can improvise by cutting up old clothes to look ragged, or you can buy custom-made pirate costumes. There are many accessories available, such as fake mustaches, beards, eye patches, and glasses.

Pirate costumes were a popular choice for costume parties long before Johnny Depp made the pirate look sexy. While Captain Jack Sparrow’s turgid look is an obvious choice and will always be welcome, there are other pirate costumes to choose from.

For example, you could dress up as Captain Hook, the rogue pirate chief and captain of the Jolly Roger in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. The hook is now a traditional pantomime character that we all like to hate and boo. Captain Hook is a great figure for pirate costumes. He wears a long red coat, buccaneer boots, black pants, a white shirt with ruffles and a black “tricorn” hat with a white feather. You will also need a long black curly wig and a fake hook hand. In the story of Peter Pan, Captain Hook’s hand was bitten by a crocodile. The crocodile liked the taste of Hook so much that the goal is to eat the rest. As the crocodile also swallowed a strong clock, Hook always knows when the crocodile is near.

Another great pirate costume is that of Long John Silver. He is the villain of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and is the closest thing we have to a traditional pirate. Long John Silver is perhaps most famous for two things: his wooden leg and his parrot. He is obsessed with finding the treasure hidden by his former comrade Billy Bones. Now it can be a little difficult to imitate a wooden leg, but a crutch would be enough and you can buy toy parrots of different species.

If you want to dress up like a real pirate of history, the most notorious and feared of all is the legendary Blackbeard. He was the original pirate of the Caribbean and is the subject of many movies and books. Apparently his appearance was so frightening that his enemies often capitulated when they saw him. To look as fearsome as Blackbeard, you need a long, thick black beard. It is said that Blackbeard divided his beard into tails and tied each of them with a different colored ribbon so that he could do this for authenticity to enhance his own pirate clothing. It is also said that Blackbeard wore a rope on his chest that contained three pairs of guns, and that he carried a saber and several knives on his belt. Fortunately, there are many fake sabers, guns, and other accessories you can buy to enhance your pirate costume.

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It’s time to reveal to you our magnificent fashion trends for 2019. Trust me, we dish out the best styles you would definitely love daily from Office outfits to Sunday Wears and everything in between, you will definitely be delighted, because who wouldn’t love to be styled the right way. Imagine the stylish leather, comfortable jeans, colorful hair shawls, beautiful trouser suits or blazers and we can not be without flannel!
So this channel is generally a “Lookbook” to the trendiest fashion styles that sprung up and will continue to trend in 2019.
There are so many styles and pieces that are overtaking the fashion world in 2019, we can’t start without mention the amazing Blazers and trouser suits that are quite becoming very popular, do not be afraid to combine your suit with a loose T-shirt and sneakers. This outfit is useful not only for the office, believe me. You can try another option, simple and stylish, just put on a vest or turtleneck, jeans, blazer, and of course add a belt. And you will step out like the million Dollar babe.
No season is complete without jeans. But it’s time to forget about tight jeans, ripped or jeans with rhinestones. Now your attention will be riveted to high-waisted jeans, mom’s jeans, boyfriend jeans. Depending on the event, you can play with your outfits and decide to wear a blouse and heels or an oversized sweater and sneakers with jeans.
Plaid things inspire this season and probably all fashionistas. Because it can be everything, from your purse or pants to a skirt or top. On a cool spring day, wear wide plaid pants with a turtleneck under a dark coat, and add accessories. And if you prefer something more girlish, then put on a midi skirt and a t-shirt with a print and a pair of heels, you will have a beautiful outfit.
Leather is another fashion trend. And probably every girl who wears leather clothes will feel differently and will reveal herself completely on the other side – wild and feminine at the same time. If you do a leather skirt, you will combine it with many things in your wardrobe. For example, with a massive sweater and ankle boots, or a shirt and sneakers, this will tell you your mood.
The African Prints, such as the Ankara Fabrics, Kitenge, Maxi Dresses, Kaftan Gowns, and the list goes on is deliberately becoming very important in every fashionista’s wardrobe in 2019. This Channel does not just promote the styles as lookbook but also suggests where to buy these beautiful African pieces and other dresses and outfits.

Do you know what bodysuits are and how to wear them? We will help you! There are many variations of them, mesh, lace, leopard, and all this to suit your hair color, eyes, and style in general. You can wear this bodysuit with a skirt, a pair of trousers or jeans. Be bold when choosing your body!
We could not ignore the scarves and headbands for your hair, as this is another trend in 2019. You can do everything with scarves, weave them into a braid, make a ponytail with their help or wrap ahead with a scarf like a safari princess. Let your imagination run wild and diversify your hairstyle and overall look.
These fresh trends are ready to stay with us for several seasons and every girl who is not indifferent to fashion will love them.

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