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CASUAL SUMMER OUTFITS 👒 summer lookbook 2019

Dressing For That Summer Barbecue

The weather has warmed up in the last two weeks, so I like to park my car and walk the short distances to the shops in the village. Everywhere I can smell the meat on the grill, especially on weekends. Getting dressed for this summer barbecue can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It all depends on the practicality and comfort of dressing for the outdoors.

Who organizes the barbecue?

Is it an office barbecue, or are you just hanging out with the neighbors or a friend? If it’s a barbecue at work and you’ve never been there before, ask trusted colleagues about the dress code. Never ask someone who sends you on a garden path like in Bridget Jones’s Diary, where she dresses up like a cake in a Playboy bunny costume, to come to a family friend’s barbecue while everyone else is regularly dressed.

Dressing for the Elements

Whatever the occasion, ideally you should be dressed comfortably for a summer barbecue. Barbecues are usually held outdoors, so you dress for the elements. If your host has not anticipated the rain and cool weather, you should bring a light sweater that you can tie around your waist or use to sit on the grass. I usually use a summer hand umbrella (i.e. a parasol) that provides shade when it’s too hot and protection from rain when it starts to pour. Remember, if you plan to wear a strapless dress, apply some aloe sunscreen from your home. Listen to the weather forecast before you go out to be prepared.

Summer dresses for the summer barbecue

As much as I like summer dresses, factors such as where the barbecue is held and whether there will be outdoor seating will influence how I dress for a barbecue. With annual barbecues, you usually know what to expect when you attend them each year. If you know that there will be outdoor seating where you can sit comfortably and enjoy your barbecue, then put on a summer dress or a summer skirt. Dresses and skirts are much more suitable for hot weather than jeans unless they are shorts. Stay away from tight jeans if you want to eat as much as you can. Opt for loose-fitting suits that fit comfortably around the waist.

Summer Colors and Patterns

I have kids, so I stay away from white people because eventually my kids and their food will be on me. I like to wear stain-resistant clothing and colorful summer patterns that can hide the unsightly marks from the barbecue. A colorful summer dress or blouse is ideal if you’re going to a barbecue with small children.

Summer fashion accessories

Add sparkle to your look with floppy hats or wide-brimmed straw hats. Wide-brimmed summer hats also help protect your face from the sun. Headscarves are a must and can enhance a suit if they go well together. You can tie the scarf around your head or around your hat if you wear it.

I usually try to keep it simple at a summer barbecue, so I leave my identification jewelry at home and wear leather flower ornaments like an orchid necklace. Copper jewelry for flora and fauna is also perfect as it takes up the theme of “being outdoors”. Whatever you choose, all accessories should go well with your summer barbecue outfit.

Summer sandals

Flat summer sandals or wedge heels are perfect for this encounter with the grass. In the same way, a pink sandal simply captures the atmosphere of a summer garden barbecue.

This article was written by Arline James-Thomas for Munique Fashion – Munique offers you unique and high-quality handmade fashion and accessories by craftsmen from all over the world. These exotic designs convey rarity and say something about you as a wearer.

summer is here and I wanted to show some easy, casual (but still cute) summer outfits! I hope u like the new editing style(-ish) on this one! #summeroutfits #summerlookbook
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👼🏻 what I’m wearing
o u t f i t #1
– square neck floral top/brandy Melville
– belt/brandy Melville
– overalls /
– doc marten’s mary janes /
– cherry earrings /
– gold choker /

o u t f i t #2
– floral cutout bodysuit / urban outfitters (couldn’t find online)
– skirt / thrifted
– platform sandals/heels /

o u t f i t #3
– clips, top, shorts/brandy Melville
– bandana / forever 21

o u t f i t #4
– headband /
– top & skirt / brandy Melville

o u t f i t #5
– headband & shirt/brandy Melville
– mom shorts / Zumiez

o u t f i t #6
– bell bottom top (actually a dress) /
– mom shorts / Zumiez

o u t f i t #7
– white top, earrings & scrunchie/brandy Melville
– butt rip jeans (i diy-ed embroidered them) / pacsun (similar:

💌 some cool things!
age – 18 (wow r u surprised.. I think so)
editor & camera – final cut pro x & canon g7x mark II
ethnicity – 100% Vietnamese (how many of y’all thought I was Korean 🤭)
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