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Tokyo Fashion Is Cute – 6 Kawaii Details You Can’t Live Without

Who can resist Japanese Kawaii culture? Even a simple look at things related to Kawaii makes someone try harder. Because of the charm and beauty of these things, countless corners of Japan are full of candy-colored female items worth collecting. Here are 6 of the most popular Kawaii items that can cause serious addiction:

Hair rings

In times past the crown was the sign of a woman’s royal status. In Kawaii, you can only recognize the two wavy curls that cover the left and right side of the female face. These curls mean that a woman is of royal blood or simply sophisticated. In Kawaii culture, this hairstyle is constantly used to radiate a princess look. In addition to ear curls, girls also explore other hairstyles with plastic curls, curling irons, and styling mousse. The process certainly takes a long time, but the result is worth the wait.

Nail Decoration

Having your nails simply polished is basically considered boring by Kawaii lovers. Since the discovery that nails are wonderful canvases for art, you simply cannot stop creating imaginative materials. Characteristic for nail art in Kawaii are pastel nail polishes as a base like baby pink, sky blue, and pearl white. After applying the base, materials such as 3D decals, pearls, rhinestones, dried flowers, and polymer discs are applied. Girls can also opt for artistic designs that are carefully painted with fine brushes. For a more elegant and feminine effect, acrylic nails are available to lengthen a person’s original nails.

Circular lenses

Kawaii girls don’t walk out the door without looking sophisticated. One way to achieve a dramatic look is to wear circular lenses. These lenses emphasize the eyes and give a girl a chance to reinvent herself. Circular lenses are different because they are designed to give the illusion of a larger, rounder iris. There are also a variety of circular lenses. From natural-looking lenses that create angelic effects to extravagant ones, you can be sure to find the perfect solution.

Beautiful accessories

Everything that’s cute and cuddly will also cast a spell on a Kawaii fanatic. Fortunately, Japan has a lot to offer in terms of objects based on cartoon characters. Earmuffs, sleeping bags, sleep masks, hair clips, headbands, stuffed animals, key chains, telephone pendants, bows, Hello Kitty, Purple Fairy, and Pepopanda – these are some of the common items and figures that girls are delirious about.

Lovely prints and patterns

The color of an item can make it look delicate at first glance. But what if it comes with such commendable prints? Hawaiian items are also incomplete without the presence of imaginative detail. Some of the typical prints you will find are cupcakes, ribbons, hearts, macaroons, doughnuts, headbands, and other prints with princes’ motifs. It is undeniable that these prints add a fine finishing touch to any object.

Elegant Shoes

Last but not least is the magnificent footwear that belongs to the Kawaii category. It is said that a pair of shoes can decide on a suit, and that is definitely true! If you want to stand out, you’re sure to find pleasure in Kawaii shoes, which include shoes with laces, lace-up boots, printed mary janes, wedges with angel wings, hand-painted slippers, flat shoes with jewelry and much more!

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